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  1. triangle

    Watch me kill plants in organic soil!

    This is the latest installment of me butchering plants in KIS MIX soil, Keep it Simple they say!!! Was an otherwise healthy plant, grown in KIS Organic Soil. Did OK until this point in veg, fed nothing but water pH'ed to 6.3 area. It WAS thriving until this happened. Thought it was...
  2. F

    No-Till Experience

    Hey everyone, welcome to my garage grow. This grow is isn't going to be perfect in respect to the climate, my geographical location presents many challenges one of them being how cold it is and the location of our furnace and water heater - they just so happen to be in the garage a few feet from...
  3. G

    Sip, probiotics, recyled living organics

    how's it going ladies and gentlemen. I'm green, and this is my first time on this forum. I've been growing for about 5 years, I'm very active on the forum roll it up, just trying to branch out in search of more info on this method of growing that I have recently fell in love with! a Lil bit of...
  4. IMG_20180302_013647.jpg


    Blueberry hashplant
  5. Itsagas69

    Subcools mix

    Anyone use UK version, I am struggling with a few amendment's and want a alternative for alfalfa and azomite, I'm currently making 1/8 batches 50 litre plant magic supreme 6litre EWCastings 10 0z bone meal 8 0z blood meal 8 0z guano guanokolong high (p) Half cup kelp meal Teaspoon humic powder...
  6. PHOTO_20180403_195740_fx.jpg


    Killer skunk,53 days
  7. Itsagas69

    Pure Alfalfa powder or pellets? UK has no meal

    So after searching around for alfalfa meal I couldn't find any in the uk other than dengie horse pellet or pure Alfalfa powder, I have never used any and wondering if anyone here in the uk that's tried the pellets or Powder? Link's below Alfalfa powder: High Quality Alfalfa Powder 100g / 500g /...
  8. G

    Fertilizer help

    So I've got 4 seedlings under a 600 watt mh in a 4x4 tent. Went the the local(canada) farmers market to get fertilizer. Well to say i was overwhelmed is an understatment. Left with nothing lol. Most were of the brand names General Hydroponics or General Organics....there was Bio Weed, Bio...
  9. R

    Droopy leaves near end of each light cycle: Why?

    Strain - Himalaya Blue Diesel Auto from Short Stuff Seeds # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil (Roots Organics) Grow Stage - Flower day 19 (day 47 from seed) Bucket Size - 5 Gallon fabric Lights - (1) 300 Watt Mars-Hydro LED Nutrients - Roots Organics 5 ml Master Pack (feed about 1.5 ml each per gal...
  10. R

    Droopy Leaves near end of each light cycle. Why?

    Strain - Himalaya Blue Diesel Auto Fem from Short Stuff Seeds # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil (Roots Organics) Grow Stage - Flower day 19 (day 47 from seed) Bucket Size - 5 Gallon fabric Lights - (1) 300 Watt Mars-Hydro LED Nutrients - Roots Organics 5 ml Master Pack PH - 6.5 (run off...
  11. K

    WA: Into The Weeds - An Exclusive First Look Inside A Legal Marijuana Farm

    Benton City, Wash. It has more security cameras than your average bank and you won't find it on any map. Our cameras got an exclusive first look inside one of the inland northwest's mega-grow marijuana businesses. Inside Experience Organics in rural Benton County is up to 200 pounds of...
  12. dumme

    Dumme's Aquaponic Aeroponic-Soil Adventure

    The name's Aquaponic Dumme, and Aquaponics is the game. Here's My garden:
  13. 3

    45 Gallon Smart Pot - 1000W HPS - GG4 - Indoor

    What strain is it? GG4 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg, flipping to flower in 4 days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor If soil... what is in your mix? Peat moss, perlite, lava rock, home made ewc, rock dust, oyster shell powder, crustacean...
  14. C

    Age Old Organics organic fertilizer

    hello everyone, i have a one 1lb bag of Eartworm castings and another 1lb bag of Kelp Meal both produce by Age old. i'd like to know how to apply both of this fertilizers in auto-flower grow for best result if possible. thank you.
  15. drcannabi

    Drcannabi's KIS Organics Recycled Soil - HSO Loast Coast OG - LED Grow

    This will be an LED all organic grow using the KIS organics Nutrient Pack and recycled soil. I'll be updating once a week until the final smoke report. Please join in the fun. I am by no means an expert and everything I do has been tailored for the least amount of effort possible. Once in the...
  16. COorganics

    How to get started growing indoors organically - No bottles

    I hope folks with knowledge on the subject will contribute to this thread and that others will use it to learn, grow, and develop skills as organic cannabis gardeners. I will draw from personal experience as well as the work of others to compile information here for everyone at 420magazine's...
  17. J.Cervantes

    Go Organics! with Jorge Cervantes

    Organic medicinal cannabis is the best! Organic medicine tastes and smells the best too!
  18. A Gardener

    Hi Guys

    Hi Guys, I am A Gardener and I am brand new here! I Have been growing my own White Russian, Chronic, AK, Bubble Gum etc for about 7 or 8 years. I am very lucky as i live with my two best friends, my 3 year old dog and one of her pups. I have a whole house to myself, which I make the most of...
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