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    Grow tent wire clips. All materials are high quality and made in the USA Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm
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    Greetings from Italy

    Hi everybody as i follow your threads since years I decided to join the forum in order to be able to interact instead of mere reading. I'm a no longer young agronomist, i graduated in 2011 with an EC trial on Cannabis. I own a grow shop in Italy and organize with other associates an hemp fair...
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    4/20 - 420 celebration

    Heyy, First of all hello (First post on forum Newbie) hehe. I Live in Israel for 8 Year's now but never bothered to ask has there ever been a 420 Festival in israel If there was when ? , And if there wasnt is there anybody out here that wants to organize one for this year? :cheer2:
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