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  1. M

    Newbie 7 weeks into flower

    Hey guys been doing a lot of reading but I wouldn't mind a little feedback. Have 3 plants getting ready for harvest but one is really turning leaves yellow much faster than the others. This plant has always seemed to be a little farther along than the others. I've been following fox farms 3 part...
  2. saladman

    Cull the week?

    Should I cull the midget auto WW from RQS to give more space to the remaining babies. These are the same age. From left to right: NL, WW and Jack auto. Need some opinions.
  3. K

    Strain differences

    What makes certain strains more difficult to grow than others?
  4. M

    First time growing - Need some advice please!

    Hi to all and glad to be member here where we can meet others and talk about the one thing we all love. MJ <3 Okay so we have 5 plants that are 12 days from when they sprouted, I am almost positive I am watering them correctly even though I am a bit confused on what a good ph level is I was...
  5. C

    What To Use

    strain - unknown autofem mix x 5 grow type - soil grow stage- 51 days old after popping from soil set up - 7 gallon fabric pots lights - LED and CFL (2- Mars 300W)(2- 150W UFO)(2- 45W & 2 -70W CFL) 6" Inline fan w/ 6" Carbon air filter reduced to 4" exhaust pipe Small Oscillating fan...
  6. TheFertilizer

    Mold/Rot on Clone's stem

    So someone here told me that putting a pebble of perlite in the hole between the stem and the rockwool is good for keeping light out, but I noticed this disolcoration on the stem of one of my clones and couldn't tell if it was just stain from Clone-X or damping off/rot. Well I moved the perlite...
  7. Oldbear

    Cannabis Friendly Clinics Share

    I'll keep adding to this list as I find them. Hope it makes the journey to get signed up with an LP easier for others. Please add to the list if you know of others. Something that seems common to all is the are looking for a document which confirms you have a condition that Cannabis helps. You...
  8. D

    Hello from the Pacific!

    Hey guys, I've joined other sites but after needing a question answered i googled and found FeralA9X posts and had to sign up here! I hope to be apart of this community, it seems like the best! I love to grow and have a strong passion for it, Ill be posting professional videos and grow...
  9. A


    This plant has been like this transpltng. ı thin will die ıf ı dont anything.. In soil all mix, 600 watt hps, AN calmag extra b52 and grow, temperature off 18 20 on 25 28, humidity %45-65 ph 6 - 6.2 andd the others finee I'm waiting for your help.
  10. calicanna143

    Hello 420 magazine world

    Just wanted to say I love this forum, much friendlier than others so I figured I will join. I just started my first grow in 15 years or so. Just started a grow journal of nirvana blackberry to document my progress and to help others and learn from you as well. Can't wait to get to know others...
  11. C

    Suggestions and critiques from CFL/T5 growers - Rate my box

    DISCLAIMER: I chose to go with the CFL/T5 combo after doing a lot of reading on this site an others. Upgrading in the future is a must, but for know I will be learning the craft from the bottom. Also temperature is a major issue at the moment and my next purchase must be some form or air...
  12. G

    Spider mites or aphids?

    i am thinking they are mites. but i am not sure myself. this is from my first grow. about 20 days from harvest. ive gone ahead and pruned all leaves that seemed most affected to prevent spread to others and have done my best to move it away from other plants. would appreciate some feedback and...
  13. S

    Do my plants look okay?

    I was just curious as to if my plants look okay? I need others opinions!
  14. M

    When does flowering time start?

    Ive had conflicting advice some say when you switch to 12-12 others say its when the first signs of the pistils, all advice greatfully accepted
  15. C

    Male plants

    do male plants smell a lot ? I have seedling that are 3 weeks old some look bushier then others its to early to tell besides that ...but some smell more then others ANY HELP PLEASE
  16. Heraldo

    Rhodelisation, hermies and autos

    So I've been reading up on rhodelisation. Some places say it makes hermie prone seeds and others say it doesn't. Anyone have experience with this technique? And with autos?
  17. S

    Looking for Grand Daddy Purple feed back

    I'm curious from others that have experience with Grand Daddy Purple regarding spider mites. I read on one site that due to the plants high resin that it attracts spider mites. Is there any truth to this or do certain factors play a part? This will be my second grow which I plan to start soon...
  18. X

    1st time grower with auto-flower fem seeds in soil

    What's up everyone! Excited to come to this community and been going thru the grow guide but hopefully looking for advice on what would work best for my situation since it's not just all plain vanilla and our unique circumstances all require different setups than others. I'll be posting in...