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    Ommp 2017 This was a ridiculous grow that I was asked to do...
  2. lxstnr

    Lx's 2018 Growing Adventures

    Running multiple strains at the moment: GG4 (DHN), Dosidos (DHN), Modified Mints (GMOxSinmint cookies by Sincity seeds), Grandpas Breath (by DVG), Dark plasma (Team OG), Ninja Fruit (Team OG), and Deadly Sativa (by MMS) Dark Plasma and Grandpas breath are 30 days into flower The rest are in...
  3. M

    1st outdoor grow - bugs

    Don't really know what's doing it believe they're the little black mites..but at the sometime the black dots i see kinda look like the dirt too. Had quite a bit of rain.. also seen some weird looking white bug? How can i get them all off and keep them off without hurting my plant?
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