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  1. Ron Strider

    Guam: Committee On Health Working On Medical Marijuana Bill Markup

    Medical marijuana advocate, August Fest, testified saying that the bill should include a provision to allow home cultivation. Another private citizen named Jess Savares testified saying that the monthly limit that the bill places on the amount of medical marijuana that can be prescribed to...
  2. H


    I have a drug test on the 13th of July. I am still testing dirty as of right now and havent smoked for 37 days. The problem is I was a heavy smoker and also have had gastric sleeve surgery on my stomach, so its only hold 8 ounces of liquid at one time. I am having a hard time diluting my urine...
  3. E

    Plucked fan leaves of any use?

    Hi all, My plant is in week 3 plus of flower. I defoliated a few days ago and have several ounces of undried fan leaves. Are they good for anything? Cannabutter, tincture, etc.?
  4. Jackalope

    Hindu 101

    Nope this is not a class. This is better. Finally after 101 days I harvested the last Hindu Kush. It was still putting out new white hairs everywhere. Not sure if this plant would have ever totally finished. There was now amber trichromes at all. Most were clear with huge round heads. Still...
  5. K

    OH: State Rules For Medical Marijuana Use THC, Not Weight, For Purchase

    Buying medical marijuana in Ohio will require a knowledge of THC content, not just how many ounces of plant material or edibles are on the scale. Proposed rules outlined Thursday by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy would make Ohio the only state to determine how much medical marijuana can be...
  6. K

    CO: LivWell Cares Distributes 8,000 Ounces To Medical Patients Over The Holidays

    In the last two weeks of 2016, LivWell Cares, the philanthropic arm of LivWell Enlightened Health, gave almost $800,000 worth of cannabidiol (CBD) to members of American Medical Refugees and the CannAbility Foundation, two prominent advocacy groups for medical marijuana patients. "We want to...
  7. Bodhisattva

    Jack Herer Beauty - Check her out - How much will she yield?

    Hey - can you check my gorgeous girl out I'm wondering what she might yeild? Guesses. Im thinking maybe 2 to 3 ounces as a conservative guess. Loads of pics in my grow journal. thanks!!
  8. T

    Green Crack

    Grew a beauty. Got four dry ounces
  9. S

    Lights or nutrients?

    suggestions please? 14 days old, northern lights auto, ffof soil, 5gal pot, 700w marsII light 24/7, i've applied no nutes at this stage, 3x3 tent, 1 240cfm exhaust fan, temps average 70f, 60/65 relative humidity, 32 ounces of distilled water every other day. she looks limey in color, mottled...
  10. P

    Advice for yields grams per watt

    Hey guys right here's my set up first 2x 600w dual spectrum hps lights 1x 300 cfl dual spectrum and a 45w x 225 led light grow space is 30 square foot roughly or 2.5-3square meters roughly 20 x 20 litre breathable fabric pots mix soil 50% miracle grow 50% potting mix off Amazon and big bud xxxl...