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    Not sure of the strain but it's the biggest plant I've ever been able to grow, I'm not a Newbie but definitely not a master. I've only ever done a few outdoor grows so I was happy about how that plant turned out!!
  2. Field of Gwillith

    Field of Gwillith

    Flowered Gwillith in many bonsai styles. Trying to see which one she likes best.
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    My girls
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    My girls
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    Ommp 2017
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    Trailer trash betty @[296555:@Derbybud]
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    Clone afghani kush x black domina
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    Clone one the main that I took from @[263335:@Pennywise]
  10. W

    First Time Grower: Novice Gardener

    Hello, all! I am growing Outdoors for the first time. I have the cheapest set up possible— soil, Biothrive Grow & Bloom, and the sun :) I have unknown seeds straight from a male plant. I currently have 5 plants: 3 sprouting and 2 currently growing. I live in Seattle and during this time (Early...
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    Neighbours yard holes dig min 12”
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    So forgot I have a friend that owns a farm got told to come get some his soil mix of everything and to add sheep manure and they will take off thoughts?
  13. Kingjoe83

    King's Outdoor RD2 Open Journal

    So first off welcome to the best community awareness site out there . I’m Joe and I grow for reasons to help heal my brain from past issues. I want this to be a place where I can post random updates of my outdoor grow and also be able to see others post their journey with me until harvested...
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    2/3 taps in 24 hrs pretty sure the third is just about fighting to pop as well of the afgahni kush x black domina seeds females . No luck on amnesia og seeds yet
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    backyard organic grow
  16. W

    New Outdoor Purple Afghan Kush Flowering

    Hello friends Is in 4/5 weeks of flowering my purple afghan kush im only using bio grow and batguano plagron mixed with the soil. But I have some whiteflies there are less than last week because I bought some yellow shit that atract them. How They look? Thanks for the help...
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