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  1. F

    Aussie Melbourne grower and new member saying gday to y’all in growing community

    Gday y’all I’m from Melbourne, Australia and a new member to these forums and forums in general. This year (2022) was my first outdoor season growing attempt. Had a couple little plants that I’ve harvested early this morning.
  2. NannyBoo

    NannyBoo's Feminized Northern Lights, Indica, Outdoor Grow, 2021

    This is my first grow journal. But not my first grow ... I grew outdoors for many yrs then switched to indoors for a couple of yrs. Due to some medical issues I have not grown anything in 2-3 yrs and it is like starting all over again. Thank you for the platform to keep a journal (very cool)...
  3. NL WK4 Flowering.jpg

    NL WK4 Flowering.jpg

  4. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    Week 5 flowering... So how are we doing?
  5. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    Week 5 flowering
  6. G

    Northern Maine 2021 Outdoor Grow

    First time documenting a grow. Got about 30 plants, all from seed. Location is very far north - 3+ hours north of Bangor. Interested to see how these perform compared to previous grows more than 500 miles south of here. Really just documenting this for my own records but would love some advice...
  7. Smokes1913

    Smoke1913's 2021 CA Outdoor Animal Mintz Grow Journal

    Smokes1913s Southern Ca outdoor grow ,( strain): gdp ,frisco og , animal mints , (seed germination): wet paper towel in ziplock bag placed in dark 7 days , (soil) : first few weeks miracle grow then switch to foxfarm ocean forest soil , (veg cycle): in progress also a few seedlings otw...
  8. Bug2.jpg


    Tiny bug, outdoor grow
  9. Bug.jpg


    Tiny bug, outdoor grow
  10. Gelato


    Gelato anyone? :)
  11. Sister Glue

    Sister Glue

    Gorilla Glue #1
  12. C

    Boot camp for my seedlings

    I really recommend strengthening up your plants when they are little if you are growing outdoors!
  13. Cannacaps4U2

    Outdoor grow concerned about all the Hemp

    Outdoor grow concerned about all the HEMP So here in southern Oregon we are seeing an explosive growth in hemp planting. I have several fields within 5 miles from my home. What are cannabis growers doing to keep cross pollination from ruining our grows. I am a recreational grower two plants...
  14. Whoberry Haze #1 outside

    Whoberry Haze #1 outside

    Whoberry Haze #1 looking good, about to reveg.
  15. Whoberry Haze #2 bush

    Whoberry Haze #2 bush

    Whoberry Haze #2 outside, about to reveg.
  16. Whoberry Haze #2 small tops

    Whoberry Haze #2 small tops

    She is like her sister, too many tops defused her growth hormones.
  17. Fall line up

    Fall line up

    Seedlings are growing, all female , one unknown.
  18. Looking good!

    Looking good!

    Garden is coming along nicely
  19. Ready for full sun

    Ready for full sun

    3 Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian, 2 CD-1 , 2 Cheese, 1 Triple Cheese, 1 Franco's Lemon Cheese, 1 Malawi , and 1 Nepal Jam, ready for full sun
  20. B

    Please identify this bug

    This is my outdoor plant second week into flowering , Can you please identify this bug their color is brown and they are gathering below flower, So many ants are also sitting below flowers. But I couldn't find any ants in soil. Any tips to get rid of them will be highly appreciated. Thanks...
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