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  1. B

    Please identify this bug

    This is my outdoor plant second week into flowering , Can you please identify this bug their color is brown and they are gathering below flower, So many ants are also sitting below flowers. But I couldn't find any ants in soil. Any tips to get rid of them will be highly appreciated. Thanks...
  2. N

    Can I start plants indoors in a soilless media and transplant outdoors in the spring?

    Hi all, I have never done an outdoor grow and want to try it for fun this spring! I typically grow indoors using promix hpcc (soilless) and am wondering if I can start plants in a soilless system to get them to a healthy veg and then transplant them outside and if I can, what should that...
  3. H

    Outdoor grow

    Here are two pics before and after.
  4. Damonchari

    Swashp, Soil, Outdoor, Canada, LA Con, Frisian Dew

    Hello, just have a question and will post some pictures every week or two as I grow my 4 outdoor plants. I'm not expecting my plants to flower for atleast another 3-4 weeks and this may just be preflower. I'm just noticing a lot of smell and new hair growth on my two L.A.s. Have a look and tell...
  5. B

    Big Budda's Guerrilla Grow Purple Bud & Early Skunk Auto

    Hello cannabis growing world. Its great to be back. It has been a very long time since i posted in this so please go easy on me. Ok so here is the story so far. So on a recent trip to amsterdam i fell in love with weed all over again. So myself and my other have stumbled accross the famous hash...
  6. 15256384320211347440182.jpg


    Mr Fix at day 46
  7. 49AA3912-F385-4750-B8C2-ADC9585204BD.jpeg


    Pennywise everyone @[263335:@Pennywise] Afghani kush x black domina
  8. D

    Advice needed! Organic subtropical grow

    Hi there, this is my first post and 2nd grow (no nutes used on my first grow). I live somewhere that makes it hard to find alot of stuff so I will tell you what im planning and let me know what you think. All tips and advice with be greatly appreciated. Im planning on vegging 3 to 4 fem...
  9. 420GoddessxX

    I am totally new at this growing outdoor!

    Hi my name is Erika and I am from Nor Cal but I live in Central Texas for now. I'm doing my first outside grow, I did a indoor grow a couple years ago with my dad and we had got the clones from a friend who was about to toss them and start over since he didn't want to deal with the issue (...
  10. F

    Bullitt's Rookie Season Outdoor Nukehead 2017

    Hello 420 I am in my rookie season as a MJ grower & have decided to scribe a grow journal in the hope I can receive constructive criticism from those of you who are more advanced at growing this particular plant. I am not a beginning gardener however, as I have been feeding my family out of my...
  11. T

    Growing on the equator

    growing in Bogota Colombia, high altitude, temps 46 night 70 day. to cold at night? heat blanket maybe for the night? Outdoor patio grow in big pots. I'm very new to the forum thing so sorry in advance if I did this wrong. I have grown in the past several times, living in PA it was always...
  12. FoolsParadise

    Poison Ivy Prevention

    If you've done a bit of outdoor gardening, you've probably come into contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac. During my first attempt to grow outdoors, I prepped my site in October when all the leaves had fallen. Didn't realize that the oil in poison ivy is also in the roots. I ended up with a...
  13. M

    Maineiac's 1st Journal - Outdoor Grow - Organic - Black & Blue Hyena Strains

    I have grown outdoor last year for the first time. Seedlings will be going outdoors about the first of June. Seeds were given to me by Hyena Merica for evaluation. I'll do the best I can, lol. I hope you guys will give me alot of help. Strains: Black Hyena and Blue Hyena are two...
  14. HashGirl

    HG & FP's Summer 2017 Grow - Freedom - CB Dutch Treat - Durban Poison

    Good afternoon. Felonious and I are starting our summer grow and thought we would start a new grow journal. THE STRAINS: Felonious germinated and planted 2 Freedom Dreams on May 1. Freedom Dreams are all CBD (<1% THC) seeds that were given to Canadians who signed up for them through Overgrow...
  15. H

    Spring Grow - OG - Northern Lights - Rehab Girl - Train Wreck Auto

    Good morning all! This is my first attempt at a grow journal been reading several for the past several months. Going to have several strains on the go. This is the starting line up for now till my clones start rolling in. We have a couple strains we aren't sure if they will make er the full...
  16. L

    Legendaryfart's Outdoor Autoflower Grow

    Let me start by saying might as well be my first grow. I have done a few photos before outdoors but never made it to harvest. Once from be paranoid I cut up shop and once being my stupidity plants just died on me. I guess both times my fault lol. Im going guerilla in a hardly ever traveled...
  17. F

    Yojimbo's Outdoor G13 Haze

    Greetings, I am the blade of vengeance. Across this land, they dare but whisper my name. Yojimbo Anyway.... This will actually be the prologue of my second grow. Basically I am acting out of extremity because I need the money. I also don't want this to be a huge waste of time so I am...
  18. O

    Help! South African Outdoor Marijuana Plant Flowering for +8 weeks! (video+photos)

    My outdoor marijuana plant have been flowering for almost 9 weeks. It must be some sativa dominant hybrid and I am assuming that it could be Super Silver Haze. I am not sure how long my plant still can go? Maybe another 2-3 weeks? The buds just do not look fully formed to me and even though some...
  19. Islandgrow

    Islandgrower's Outdoor Perpetual Grow Journey

    Hi all just realised I have been here on 420 for a while and haven't started a journal. I veg indoors and out and flower outdoors due to the lack of a proper growroom. For now I will show some of whot I have about 3 to 4 weeks in flower growing in peat based mixes. Feeding earthjuice products...
  20. S

    Dwarf Low Flyer Fun Grow On My Deck In The Pacific Northwest

    My apartment has a small, fairly private deck that gets morning sun (when the sun comes out at all here in the coastal Pacific Northwest), so for a science project I'm growing a CropKing Dwarf Low Flyer autoflower in a pot out there. I planted the germinated seed on last day of winter. The...
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