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outdoor growing

  1. MrXclusive225

    Urgent Help!

    I been growing outside and I missed my topping stage.. I'm into 8-11 weeks.. what is my next step? Do I prune? Do I topp? Please help
  2. M

    Big Devil XL Auto

    sweet seeds - 5 Big devil XL auto flower. Grown outside in spain in 10 litre pots. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit they smell fruity like lemon and pineapple so funky looking forward...
  3. V

    Light deprivation and its effects

    Hey all Vapeman here! Wanted to post a question about light deprivation in regards to a large hoophouse/greenhouse and was hoping to get experienced responses about this. I am curious if there is any heat or humidity issues to address when covering a structure and depriving it of light...
  4. F

    Frank's Kush Grow Journal - Summer 2016

    I started off with getting 4 plants from a neighbor who wasnt taking care of them and was going to let them just die. (2 are Blue dream, 1 is a Kush of sorts and the last one is an unknown). The plants were in bags that they outgrew for a few weeks, had no water and were set right next to a...
  5. P

    2nd Journal Blueberry Auto By Speed Seeds - Outdoor Grow

    I promised someone from my first journal she could pick my next strain and I keep my word. So here I go Canna Montana. This is an outdoor grow in a 3.5 gallon organic soil grow. It will get sun all day. Any advice would be appreciated throughout the grow. Anyway today is day 1
  6. H

    Best commercial soil

    Hi, all. I'm going to grow outdoors in 7 gallon buckets. Anyone reccommend a commercial mix? Should I go with potting soil, compost or combination thereof? I'm gonna put them out when they're about 6-8 in., late May. Thanks, Herb.
  7. M

    Have some problems and need help about late flowering outdoor

    "purple bud" from sensi seeds white label company feminized 75%indica I growing this all mix soil outdoor since 27 of May now I am on late flowering period . 1) I used some fertilizers (biobizz) but for only 1,5-2 months do I have to flush? 2)leafs especially in the upper-highest bud...
  8. W

    Seeking the best strain for my environment

    I know this is kinda early, but I seem to be obsessed with looking for the "perfect strain" for my outdoor grow next year. I do have 4 reg Afghani seeds and 2 feminized Delhaze that I got free with my Autos that are currently in week 5. My climate is subtropical and our summers hare most;ly...
  9. strapped420

    Plant given to me - Flowering early - Extremely small - Any advice?

    What Strain is it? Unknown Possibly Kush How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering. If in Flowering Stage... How Long? I Got it July 4th. I'm thinking it started late June. Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor Soil If Soil: Currently in MG. Will be doing a new soil...
  10. R

    First Grow - CFL/Outdoor - Soil - 2015

    Hey guys started my first grow got two clones one blue dream one platinum bubba. Growing in miracle grow soil. I know messed up added perlite though. Currently I have a 19 hour lights on five off for vegging. From 6am to 8pm they are outdoors from 8pm to 1am under 6 32 watt 6500k cfl bulbs. What...
  11. G

    First time grower - Purple 'pods' or 'flowers' after 23 days?

    Greetings... First time grower here, and doing it in the great outdoors. I germ'd some Freebies from amsterdammarijuanaseedsdotcom, and am trying to figure out what the heck is going on. After 23 days, i have these purple things on the top of the plants. Plants are about 5-6" tall. Below...
  12. N

    outdoor grow : the best times?

    i have been teaching myself for a few years the art of outdoor growing in the southern hemisphere, i mostly grow in pots, and scrog/lollipop/monster crop, and or tie my ladies down, but when i hit a wall, the only thing i have to refer to, is indoor/hydro techniques, and timing wise it is always...
  13. O

    proper watering in hot temperatures

    Hi I have planted some plants in my balcony . Where I live, the weather is hot, about 90 - 92 F (32 - 34 C ) at noon and sun is almost direct and sharp. It's almost dry here I can say humidity is 13% . It is my first time grow, but I actually rummaged the internet for best information to grow...
  14. B

    Budding Early!?

    Ok I need your help.... I have two plant that were placed outside in late April or early June One of them is Pineapple Express or G13 Haze -- Not sure as one of the seedling died and I did not label them- And the other one is sweet Black Angel - Both are Fems and not auto flowering...
  15. D

    Bag Seed East Coast Guerilla

    Hello my friends! i have finally found how to post on here after some difficulty signing up here i am, so heres the scoop, now we have all heard not to grow bagseed being bad genetics slow growth, rouge plants, but the facts are that all pollinated plants produce seeds, and given love they will...
  16. trichomes

    Watch This Flux - 1st 420 Outdoor Fluxing - Presents Fluxy Lady - Fully Restrained

    Presenting “Fluxy Lady” fluxing evolution seen here first. 420 fluxing under the sun! Fluxing? Flux? "yes this style has been called by another name, one we will not deem to mention here!" The plant/girl is a very sticky strain. She was tortured, bound, bent & cherished. She lost a limb in...
  17. M

    New to outdoors need advice

    This is her so far.. Planted in a medium flower pot around the middle of February (north Florida area) but didn't think she was goin to make it bc i planted kinda early and had a couple low 30 nights she managed to survive..transplanted her to the ground maybe 3 weeks ago. She was one of 2 bag...
  18. A

    Time to Harvest!?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this site. I have two lovely ladies nearly ready for harvest and just wanted to see if anyone here could give me some advice: One is an amsterdam seed (Haze #1) and has a longer flowering period since its sativa, and the other is an unknown strain but...
  19. M

    Support for big outdoor plants in rain storms

    High just joined and have a couple tips that will help from losing branches .I use 4 bamboo sticks around each hole and twist ties and sometimes use closeline tied off 15 ft high to trees with fishing line dropping down to support the high branches.If the buds are getting too soaked and...
  20. J.Cervantes

    Jorge Cervantes Medical Marijuana Outdoors

    Check out the 10-pound plants in this video!
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