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    Greenhouse growing = indoor growing OR Greenhouse = outside

    Less than five years ago, the big rage here was marijuana grown outdoors. People claimed the product was so much smoother and potent. Now, in our area of the world, the big fuss presently is about indoor growing. Most claim indoor growing yields a product very superior to outdoor growing, yet...
  2. WestBlunts

    WestBlunts Outdoor Blue Dream From Seed 2012 Grow

    What strain is it? Blue Dream Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid, Sativa Dominant Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? [ Since sprout?(Tell me what you think):lot-o-toke: Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor, NEVER USED LIGHTS ON THIS GROW Soil or Hydro? Soil...
  3. WestBlunts

    50 Day Old Sativa - From Seed - Outdoor - No Lights - Potted - Grow Be?

    How tall should a 55 day old FROM SEED, SATIVA, OUTDOOR, NO LIGHTS, POTTED, grow be? -Sprouted 7/18/12 -Been through some stunts due to stress. -FFOF soil -Never been under lights I started feeding her Pure Blend & Alaskfa Fish Ferts on 8/25/12 8/25/12 3.5inches tall 4 nodes as wide as...
  4. WestBlunts

    Slow growth? Blue Dream from seed Day 53 pictures.

    Hey guys, I'm back on this I'm finally going to start keeping you guys updated on my grow. So check out these shitty pictures How small does she seem? Day 53 (Sprouted from seed 7/18/12)
  5. WestBlunts

    Help! Strain: Blue Dream

    Info: -Blue Dream -Sprouted from seed 7/18 -Outdor potted FFof soil I just transplanted her 3 days ago into some FFoF soil and when I checked on her today her water leaves were drying up/burnt and her first set of True leave had burns on the tips :25::6::30: Her nodes were all good...
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