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  1. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  3. Amnesia


    Big & beauty
  4. Sister Glue

    Sister Glue

    Like just a pretty girl
  5. IMG_20200617_112525.jpg


    White og fem outside in hole that had previous ttb in it .
  6. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  7. Compilation


    No concerns
  8. Cheese


    LST pays off
  9. Cheese


  10. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  11. Cheese


  12. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  13. A

    Full veg inside to outside flower

    Hi I’m in NSW Australia and this year I’m attempting to do a full veg inside then move outside towards the end of winter. Just wondering if anyone does this or has done this before and has any tips? I live on a north facing hill with maximum sunlight. Really not sure how late I can put it...
  14. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  15. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  16. S

    Help Please!

    hello i would like you to tell me what is this white mark (mold maybe?) and if so how can i get it out? (the plant is 23 days old and is pineapple express auto)
  17. GL5033

    Outdoor & indoor seeds for a newbie: what do you recommend

    Indoor - max 9weeks,height<120cm,sticky buds Outdoor - max 10weeks,height<150cm,sticky buds,autoflowering What seeds do u recommend?
  18. GL5033

    Advanced Nutrients: Outdoor & Indoor

    I will be using Advanced Nutrients, can someone tell me what i should buy for Outdoor & indoor? i care about quality and heavy yields. take care
  19. Cheese


    Getting big yahhhh
  20. Super lemon

    Super lemon

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