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  1. Jackalope

    Marijuana & Marijuana Potency

    I have my views and I am curious what other people think. Now that testing can show THC% we are seeing higher and higher percentages. Yes technology is going to help in ways but not all. Everything most of the world is smoking is from good old fashion outlaw genetics. I've smoked a lot in my 50...
  2. B

    Is it time for 12/12 in my ScroG?

    Hey guys, I've got some Sativas growing (Dutch Passion Outlaw and Durban Poison) and I've been told to fill the screen about 60% before turning 12/12, and as this is my first ScroG and first overall grow, I'm not quite sure if it's the time yet. I dont know if my plants stretch alot or not so I...
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