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  1. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's New Room & A 6 Plant: 4 Strain Auto Grow & Perpetual All LED Baby

    Hello Eveyone Going to start off a perpetual grow in my new room today. Starting with 6 Auto's for the first month and then adding several photo periods from there. I just finished building a new grow room in the basement. What a pain in the butt. Wanted something a little bigger than the...
  2. fanleaf

    Ahhh almost finished building new grow room! Can't wait

    Well, I haven't been able to grow for the last little while due to my grow area being used for other purposes. That's about to change though. My old grow area was only about 3.8 feet X 3.5 Feet X 7 foot tall. I decided to invest in some supplies and put myself to work. The new grow room is...
  3. Radogast

    Amperage question for electrician types

    I was recently told my flower room 20 AMP service is insuffient. - - - My flower room has a dedicated 20AMP breaker, about 40 feet of grounded 12/2 Romex wiring, and 3 outlet boxes. The main outlet has a 15AMP/1200W rated digital 2 plug timer. The 2 plugs power two HPS 600W bulbs...
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