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  1. Ljb1

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Ljb1

    Hello fellow growers it's ljb1 this is part of the comparative gsc grow from @Weed Seeds Express @420 SOIL is bio bizz all mix NUTRIENTS will be advance nutrients sensi A and B veg and bloom with big bud and overdrive plus flawless finish LIHHTING will be using 2 X maybe 3 CFls veg bulb...
  2. Ljb1

    Ljb Another Go Peyote Cookies & Others

    Another journal smaller tent 80/80/160 for 4 maybe 5 if can flower 5 in if not 1 going in garden till there done then IL flower her on her own 3 peyote cookies and 2 others I will be using mars hydro tws2000 I'm going for quality this time let's se what happens nutes will be again advanced...
  3. Old Ron

    Growing Outdoors

    I got some seeds out of some Hawaiian Haze I had. I had 18 seeds to start. I planted them in the peat starters. 15 sprouted. 4 were twins. Total of 21 plants.
  4. LBxx

    Jess Tries To Grow, Take 1

    Hello all! People were very welcoming on the intro thread, and it was suggested that making a grow journal may be of interest.. and of interest it is! So here I am. This is a first grow for me. It is f i n a l l y legal here (in Canada), so this season I decided to cash in on that sweet new...
  5. Butter Milk

    Butters’ Orgy Of Autos, 2019

    Hello to all!!! Hailing from the 44119, I have decided to start my second round of autoflowers. I have all 4 in Jiffy Pellets, dropped in on 1/26/19. I have them upstairs right now in a spare bedroom on a chair, I have a 3x3 tent on order for when things start to get real, my last grow was in...
  6. D

    Early flowering? Trying to learn how to re-veg!

    GoodEvening 420 community! i seem to be in a unfamiliar situation . . I am in Southern California and I planted some seedlings in a plastic cup on Sept 30-Oct 2 & I just recently transferred all of them on Nov 1st. into a one gallon pot with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Its my first time growing...
  7. C

    UK grow temp drop & plant still not ready

    Hi everyone, I moved back to the UK from the Canary Islands last year and bought a few of my seeds back with me. Thought i'd give growing a go here and I've got a nice little White Widow who I pretty much left alone through the summer, with the occasional nutes. Although October has been...
  8. Lord Simmer

    White Widow: Robert Bergman

    This was my first grow Strain Name - White Widow R From - Robert Bergman When - 8/16 Price - 3 seeds for $35 Type - 60 sativa 40 indica Appearance - Green and orange hair Smell - great. not as heavy as one would think Taste - delicious in joints and the first green hit in bowl...
  9. WizHigh

    Hydro Outside Indoor Growing!

    Things been looking good for me gowing outside so far. My oldest is 9 days old and looking greener and healtier everyday. Fish ferts is what I feed it, I hae other ferts but I'm waiting until 2weeks before flowering to start them. So here's the thing, I just recently made a hydro system the...
  10. E

    Bugs = Big Problem

    Well my plants are about at 4 weeks now and i recently left for a camping trip this weekend for 3 days leaving them with a babysitter. Came back to find one of my two larger plants was almost entirely eaten (?). THey are grown outside and i use some guano to fertilize maybe once or twice a week...
  11. O

    My First Backyard Grow

    I will be starting a journal with pics tonight... What strain is it? Cannabis! Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Yes Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? almost 2 months one for a month If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor...
  12. S

    I have Aphids I believe! Need Help

    I believe I have Aphids (small green caterpiler looking suckers and I'm almost ready to pull my plant. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can get Ladybus and how long it will take for them to clean my plant I would greatly appreciate it. I'm in South Orange County and don't drive so it...
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