1. Mbunaaddict

    Clones outside, get them bigger? Or let them flower as is?

    Clones from bagseed moms and two dispensary beans. All plants are flowering now, bit my mind wants these 5 week old clones to get a touch bigger. Im asking the outside guys, are these going to stretch? Keeping ten on our deck with supplemental light to stay in veg. I want these to at least...
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  3. Magnus8

    Abandoned Magnus8's Summer Outdoor Grow: Blueberry, White Widow, Green Crack

    Hello all, Welcome to this summer's thread. I am afraid I am beginning later than I did last year. Last year I began my journal from seedlings. This year, I was so busy marketing and promoting my new book that I've been too busy to document the life stages of these demented little girls of...
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    And my wife said hey anything you can do to help boost and keep my basil alive I said sure was going to throw out some nutes been sitting too long in mixed gal well stirred and pour some on medium it was in cake home and wow these doubled in size crazy . Wife is very happy. Insane growth...
  5. K.puff&stuff

    Question about Par

    High guys I have a question on lumens My plant are reading around or are getting around 470 max 520 lumens at 24 plus inches The reason I'm doing this is because I want them to be slow in growing so that they can go outside in the spring Friend is saying I should bring the light lower to get...
  6. N

    Help - Problems with seedlings spots and discoloured

    Hi all, new to growing and need help for outside growing in australia weather. I have 3 seedlings they are now 11days old started inside germinated and the past week going outside in the sun as they had stretched stems aswell so they were weak and flimsy so seen a youtube clip about putting a...
  7. S

    First grow - Outside in MA - Going into bloom

    I am growing CBDream, seeds from Crop King. I am growing in soil, in pots and my plants are outside. Germination was on or about May 7th. I put them outside during the day as weather permitted but because we were so wet and cold until well into June, they were not left out 24/7 until *about*...
  8. S

    New guy - Old guy

    Howya folks. Joined a couple days ago as I'm approaching the harvest of my first effort outside. Just trying to figure it all out in order not to ruin a nice result.
  9. R

    how to move these girls outside

    Hi all just after some advice on how to move these girls outside , they are under 250 watt cfl and have been on 18/6 and have just changed to 17/7 its the first day of spring here tomorrow and we have about 11.5 hrs of daylight increasing gradually would like to try and get them outside by the...
  10. P

    Completed 2nd Grow - Outdoors On A Cart

    Well guys this is my second grow ever. I started it in late June kind of a last-minute zero planning type of thing. Anyways I put them all outside on July 1st and started them on a 12/12 light cycle Aug 6th. I plan to leave them outside day and night in about 30 days when there is less daylight...
  11. K

    Autos outside during the day

    Hi, So I have 3 autos going, pineapple express, crystal meth and skunk #1 I also have 1 photo, golden goat. They are all in my small grow room with 20/4 lighting. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on putting them outside during the day when it's nice out? Thanks
  12. N

    White Widow

    My ladies are doing fine! I'm worried about the smell when they start blooming. They are in pots outside, is there anything I can do to minimize the smell.
  13. P

    3 gallon or 6 gallon for plants outside

    Hey guys, i started way late but i have some seedlings which sprouted late June and have been outside since July 1st, i also have a 5ish inch tall clone. Im wondering if i should work up to 6 gallon pots, or just put em in 3 gallons as my season is going to be shorter. I dont want to use 12...
  14. F

    When to start feeding nutes in this particular case

    I happened to grow with unfertilized Promix and Floranova Bloom (Lucas Formula) which I use for 2+ years with excellent results. (Since Promix is unfertilized, I never had any worries w/ nutes since I simply started giving them FNB as soon as they were out of the seedling stage) Now, I want to...
  15. H

    Completed Luck33y7's First - Soil - Girl Scout Cookies & Gorilla Glue - 2017

    1st Grow and I was gifted some clones 6 plants; 5 Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and 1 Gorilla Glue (GG) Hybrid, Veg, Indoor Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest in 5 gallons x 4, 3 gallons x 2 1 x 600 HPS Sealed and exhausted Temp stays around 78 F/25.5 C, I have the lights set to run at night to keep them...
  16. S


    Hi folks, I have clones under indoor lights the past 2 months, I want to put them outside now, I live in San Diego, will clones veg all summer or go right into flower outside?? The light schedule was 18/6 then for the last few weeks 15/9
  17. A

    Grand Daddy Purp & Green Crack

    These plants are about 10 days old now. I was hoping someone could recommend a plant food for them as they start the vegetation phase. Grand daddy purp,& green crack. It is still very choppy weather here in New England and these plants will be grown outside. Just a few days ago it was 40 degrees...
  18. B

    Best way to setup fan/carbon filter to get rid of smell inside and outside tent

    Here is my setup: 4x2 grow tent 6x16 carbon flter Ventech 440cfm inline fan I will have 3 plants inside the tent flowering, and 6 plants outside the tent vegging. Currently the fan is setup inside the tent, exhaust running outside the house, but the plants outside the tent and drying...
  19. K

    Growing outside

    I'll germinate over the next few days and when ready, place in starter cups with potting soil. Can I use miracle gro potting soil or does it need to be plain? Anyone have luck growing outside in MA (we're legal)? I have Candy Cane and White Widow.
  20. N

    Need help with sick plant

    It seems to be a few small holes within close proximity but dont seem to be trails. The surface of the leaf where the holes and discolorations are raised and appear bumpy. This is occuring on a few older fan leaves and a few leaves on the lower stems off the branches that branch off from the...
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