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  1. C

    Do not do this at home!

    Ever seen a grown man cry? I still can't believe what I have just done. I deserve to be shot at dawn. In a nutshell:- I started my grow of nine plants last june. After many mistakes I at least managed to get 14 Litre sized jars full of lovely dried and cured buds (4 were trimmings...
  2. Dave Groomer

    Arizer Air II Portable Vaporizer - A 420 Magazine Review By Dave Groomer

    Is there such a thing as the perfect portable vaporizer? Nothing I have used comes close until I tried the Aizer Air II. I have owned several portable vaporizers in the past. Some of them had limited temperature settings. Some were cheaply made and broke easily. Some had very poor battery...
  3. janeschmoe9

    Using Oven Bags For Decarboxylation

    I hope someone can clarify? When I use an oven bag to decarboxylate do I cut slits in the bag as directed or just close it with a tie as directed?
  4. 2

    The Easiest & Best Way To Make An Edible

    After three years of making edibles for myself on a daily basis, I think I've found the best and easiest way to make an edible. By “best” I mean an edible that uses the ALL of the chems naturally present in their most potent forms. My tolerance is through the roof so please adjust quantities...
  5. AngryBird

    Short Bread Cookies - 3 Ingredients

    Shortbread. How many: Depends on your cookie cutter's size. I had a small star, roughly 50 pcs.) Tools needed: Oven baking trays Spatula bowl Hand/stand mixer. Rolling pin Cookie cutter in the shape you want 1 cup canna butter ( 2 sticks US/ 226 gr) 1/2 cup powder sugar ( 65gr ) 2 cps of...
  6. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's Cannabutter from fresh frozen trim

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to show you my recipe that I make butter with. I had a hard time finding a recipe for fresh frozen trim so maybe this will help a few others. For this batch I'm making 2 pounds of butter. Ingredients; 11.2 ounces of trim, 8 sticks of REAL UNSALTED butter. 11.2...