over fertilization

  1. Over Fertilization

    Over Fertilization

    Indicated by yellow or burnt leaf tips, Over Fertilization can be fixed by flushing 3 gallons of water per every gallon of soil.
  2. N

    Can you over foliage spray?

    Foliar sprayed with snowstorm ultra. Can you over spray or spray as much as you’d like?
  3. L

    Yellow Edges on 20 Day Old Plants

    These plants are 20 days old growing indoors with floresent lights and placed outside during daylight hours. Getting 18 hours under lights...then the rest of the time outdoors. really no dark time. Noticed slight yellowing on two plants. Could be too much nutrients. have been using low dose...
  4. B

    Some deficiency! Help!

    Hello, on sunday 1.11 the plants were looking totally normal, but yesterday (2.11) when I checked them out they started having yellow dots on the leaves ( see pics), and today when I re-checked them some of the plants leaves edges had starting to get really light and looking all wilt. What's...
  5. Rukus

    Completed Sweet Specials Auto and Big Devil Auto - 400W HPS - Soil

    Hello mates! This is my first and I hope not the last journal here. So here we go. 3 Seeds (2xsweet spec. and 1xbig devil) from Sweet Seeds was germinated @28th of Feb and buried in soil (60% soil+ 20% perlite+20% vermiculite) @1st of Mar. Light cycle was 18/6 at veg and 12/12 at bloom...
  6. M

    Help! Yellowing Proceeding After Leaching!

    First time grower here, At first I heard from the forum that I had over fed my plant, and that the yellowing of the bottom fan leaves and burnt crispy brown tips were a result of too much Nutrient build up or a lock out. I flushed her with 700 MLS water, I've been leaching her as much as I can...
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