over watered

  1. S

    Under or over watered? Or other?

    Hi all, Could anyone please give indication as to what they think is the issue with this plant. The 2x other plans in the room are healthy and under the same feeding schedule and environment as the plant of concern. They have just been switched to flower 3 days ago and the struggling plant...
  2. C99xkuze flower

    C99xkuze flower

    Week7 of flower. Probably over watered and fed over strength nutes in coco
  3. B2FE7603-8CED-4530-907E-6EB52862B221.JPG


    i need help with my plant im not to sure what I've done wrong any help is great for next time when I try again
  4. Over watered

    Over watered

    Over watered
  5. R

    Over watering organic soil pH 5.5

    Hey I just started to grow my first set. One Northern Light 4 weeks, One Cheese 3 weeks, one Skunk 4 weeks wich seems to have some problems... Allmost all of the leaves have some yellow contrast in them, and most of the upper ones is pretty yellow alltrough. She do not have as much power in...
  6. F

    Please help with drooping plant. Don't know if she is alive

    I believe it is over watering after I put her in a big pot and too much water. Switched her back and giving lots of air flow. Help.
  7. 4

    Too much water?

    Feel bad posting but I tried to look around and I'm uncertain if I've over watered or not... She's been like this going on the 2nd day now and this started after giving her water early yesterday morning. I can take more pictures upon request. She looked really good before I watered just starting...
  8. H

    Nute problems?

    which nute problem do I have is it toxic or deficient and How do I figure out which one to try and fix first? these smaller plants up front are from seed, in clay only, they were healthy when i transplanted, not sure of the problem everything seems to be right ph, ppm, temp, etc.. but the plants...
  9. WizHigh

    Wilting Problem and Nitrogen/Zinc/Mag Problem Not Sure Help!

    Earlier today the plant was doing fine, it was very perky now its wilting and it looks as if there's burning accuring. I was using CFLs 11 23w = 100w each bulb gives off 1600 lumens. Once I seen burning or some type of discoloration I switched to soft white bulbs 250w 3900 lumens each bulb. Temp...
  10. B

    Leaves Curling Up, Dry and Get Orange. Please Help!

    Transplanted today into a 2 Gal container. At first plant had features of a high PH level,new growth was light green and leaves were getting smaller so I Lowered the PH with Fresh Lemon Juice and Water to Dilute it. Then tested soil and it seemed to lower the PH too much so I added some baking...
  11. mcdholdem

    Abandoned First Indoor Grow

    I am doing an indoor grow. Here are the pictures, I think I over watered it. But maybe you all can be the judge. Thanks! I haven't been watering it at all for a few days, the soil seems damp still. I was told I could let it get really dry and it actually helps with root growth. And prevents...
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