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over watering

  1. 420Troubador

    First Grow - Need Support - Over Watering?

    Hi guys, I recently started growing my plant and I've noticed that the leaves have started to 'bow' down (see images below) and the plant doesn't seem to be getting any taller or the leaves growing anymore/as quickly. I believe it's because I accidently overwatered as the soil was too moist...
  2. B

    How often should I water?

    Hi, I have a 2 inch seedling in a rockwool dripper bucket under cfl's. How often should I water the plant?
  3. L

    Yellow Edges on 20 Day Old Plants

    These plants are 20 days old growing indoors with floresent lights and placed outside during daylight hours. Getting 18 hours under lights...then the rest of the time outdoors. really no dark time. Noticed slight yellowing on two plants. Could be too much nutrients. have been using low dose...