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  1. S

    Weak stem, looks crushed

    Hello. In 24 h my plant went from a resistant tick stem to the one in the picture. Did somebody mess with it or it happens? It looks squezed. I only deposit a litle of water on the dish so the roots could go for it. But i noticed the dirt is extreamly soaked. Is this over watering? Can i...
  2. IMG_20200510_182921.jpg


    Last night I bent her she has bounced back up .
  3. D

    Dorr185's 2nd & 3rd Grow, Soil, Multiple Strains

    Hello All! I've been a long time viewer, decided to start a grow journal to get some advice and meet people who are as excited about home growing as I am! About Me: I live in Portland, OR. I'm a full time student and I work full time, so much of how I'm choosing to grow now is based on...
  4. ognedster

    Back at it!

    Hi everyone. Old school indoor farmer coming out of retirement over here. I alsways used HID lamps in the past, but I have decided to make the jump to LED. So, I will be running 2 CREE MaxBloom 600's in a 5x5 tent. I'm going it's a DWC bubbler system, because I want to do a few large plants...
  5. SofaKing Dope

    Hey everyone - I'm pretty new here

    Hello folks Ive been lurking around for a few weeks and i probly shoulda started here first. As usual im back asswards and already have a grow journal going. I can already tell the comunity is loaded with awsome people and extremely knowledgeable growers. Im fairly new to growing, but i...
  6. S

    Drooping Seedlings

    I'm new to growing and just started by germinating 5 AK-47 auto flower seeds. They all sprouted a root, too my surprise, and I planted them in small 2"x 2" fiber seed pots. They grew fairly well with the two seed leaves coming out and then the 4 usual leaves. They dried out fairly fast so...
  7. beez0404

    This is why I don't play the Lottery!

    This is my first year growing. I started indoors this February in a 2' x 2' x 4' tent. I had modest success and was encouraged to make a small garden outside over the summer. I learned a lot over that time period. Which brings us to this fall. I was gifted a feminized Blue Dream seed from a...
  8. Ron Strider

    MA: Ludlow Detectives Seize Over 200 Marijuana Plants From Warren Street Home

    Narcotics detectives seized over 200 marijuana plants and over $11,000 in cash Wednesday in a raid on a Warren Street home that followed a traffic stop on East Street. The home, police said, was the site of a large marijuana growing operation. Two men were arrested and are being held on bail...
  9. S

    Terms used in growing and strain selection

    I am bamboozled when I see plants coated in what appears to be a sugary coating. WTF is this and how do I get some? Its about the coolest thing I have seen, Is it a goody or a badie? next question is WTF is Auto Flowering when a seed is described? I have seen this over and over but do...
  10. K

    Auto hermie

    Can feminized autos Hermie? And if so, do pollen sacks grow along with pre flowers?. I'm a little confused over what I see here.
  11. M

    Yellow spots taking over!

    Spots - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery can't figure out what these spots are... she's almost 4 weeks into flowering, the spots start off at the tip of the leaf and gradually get worse moving down the leaf, it happens slowly over several weeks.. other than the spots tho the plant seems happy...
  12. Rider509

    Rider509 - Something is eating my seeds! Video

    So the first six beans of Hawaiian Mutt refused to germinate. I took a closer look and found that the seeds were being eaten by super tiny white worms. What the hell! I'm left wondering if they came over with the seeds or if they got to the seeds through the paper towel. The crazy thing is, I...
  13. R

    Overwatering - Flushing due to possible nute burn

    Hi folks, Back again for my tri-annual grow and having a bit of a problem. I read somewhere that watering new soil beofre transplanting gave the soil a headstart, so I did. I can see that as a result my plants are suffering from overwatering as the soil was plenty wet when I transplanted but I...
  14. F

    1st grow - Kali Dog

    Hey guys 1st time grower here, been posting in the FAQ and now realised I should be here. This is my Kali Dog, I've been given some great help along the way and now need some more. I thought my lady had had her flowering stretch early but I think she's now in full stretch mode? I fed here...
  15. S

    Need help with growing inside - Possible over watering

    I need help with my plants. They keep wilting going yellow and dying or looking like somone snapped the stem. I have a temporary hanging double sided open bulb and a lamp in between an emergency blanket on cardboard on both sides to use as reflectors. The plants are in pots in a cardboard box...
  16. Ron Strider

    Mr. President, Back Off Our Weed - Profits Are High

    July 1 marked the premiere of legal cannabis for adult use in Nevada. In just four days, over $3 million in sales was generated. The demand was so high that the dispensaries ran out of weed, forcing the Republican governor to endorse emergency measures that would help put more pot on the shelves...
  17. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Medicines Firm GW Pharma Plans Expansion

    British cannabis-derived medicines company GW Pharma is planning to gear up its plant growing and processing operations in the UK over the next year. The firm, which switched a listing on London's junior market Aim for New York's Nasdaq last year, where it has a market value of $2.6bn...
  18. flytier

    Goodbye Black Market - Ain't Gonna Miss Ya!

    Well, I'm finally set up with my MMJ. I received my prescription a few days ago and just placed my first order for CBD/THC oil. I've been a pothead for over thirty years, although over the past couple years my usage has been more for stress and pain control. All along my sources have been black...
  19. Ron Strider

    AZ: Giant Marijuana Bundle Launched Over US-Mexico Border Fence

    Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona have seized a nearly 100-pound (45 kilogram) bundle of marijuana after spotting it flying over the border fence. Surveillance video on Wednesday captured the large package launching through the air over the fence from Mexico to the U.S. Agents on the...
  20. Z

    Mars Hydro 1200W replacing chips

    Hello guys i have been used mars hydro for over 2 years , from time to time of course i have some difficulty but every time i sorted myself succesfully. My problem is that my warranty for lamp is over and i dont have any more spare chips . Will any one help mi pick up proper spare chips for my...
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