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    Plants are drooping

    Hi everybody, I am currently growing 2 photoperiod plants, my medium is coco with some perlite. The first 2 feedings i used synthetic nutrients because i still had some left, but now I want to switch to a complete organic regiment. I flushed the two plants with water ph'ed to 6.2, and that is...
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    Back again - Leaf problems - Please advise

    Okay , here we go again . I have 10 little gals . 4 White widow(fem) , 2 auto Blueberry , 2 pineapple , 2 strawberry . My white widows actually had a pretty rough start and I'm not sure but I'm thinking of pulling up a plant and just killing it . I run 1000w HID, heat 80-83 , humidity 65...
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    Sensi Skunk x4 got issues!

    So these guys are starting to wilt and turn yellow on the bottom leaves. Im using a 300w LED for 24hrs and have a fan blowing. Not sure if I've overwatered but the soil always seems dry. help me bros :( im thinking of repotting them
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    Is my plant overwatered - Or is there something else?

    Hey guys, This is my very first post. I already posted this somewhere else, but I'd like more opinions, since you guys seem to be more active. I'm completely new to growing & I've never done this before. It's rather a test, which is why I didn't even spend 1$ at first, but 75$ for a 300W LED...
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