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    Gods Gift stretched then some yellowed

    I had some seeds that germinated great. After placing them in soil I had two 50watt led panels on them. They all stretched no matter how close the light was. I then put my 300w led over them, but it was too late for three of the seedlings. I have two that are still fighting to survive under a...
  2. G

    Dying/wilted Autoflower

    Help☹️ My plant was literally fine 2 days ago. She was happy, beautiful everything was good. I watered last on the 27th but starting the 1st she’s been wilting and it’s only getting worse and worse.!! I have her tied to keep her standing up right today also. I haven’t changed anything. Keeping...
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    New Grower Looking For Help - Thanks!

    Hey, I'm a new grower and I just wanted to ask for some advice. I'm growing a clone I received about a week ago. Cinex clone by the way. I'm growing it in my closet with a 200 watt LED and potentially some CFL's for added light. My problem is I think I over watered it, I know noobie mistake but...
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    I could use some advice

    Hello friends. I am new here. I just started growing for my own personal use. Starting off with 2 baby plants grown from seeds. Cali Gold feminized. They popped through the soil 5 days ago and having been growing so quickly. I am excited, but nervous about screwing this up. I have...
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