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  1. L

    Hello from Montreal! I am new!

    Hi, I am Kim. I am a CBD consumer and I want eventually to grow my own plant and do my own oil. :) cheers
  2. Ron Strider

    NJ: How To Grow Your Own Marijuana. If Legislators Allow It, Of Course

    I live in the Garden State, where we are about to have legalized marijuana. It's good news for cannabis smokers, but a big question remains: Will legislators allow home cultivation? While the massive money and tax windfall of the retail cannabis market is assured, now regular consumers may...
  3. P

    Where to advertise flower

    Hello all. This is my first grow that I have done on my own. I have been trimming for more hours then I care to count. My question today is where might I be able to advertise my flower that is ready for sale? I grew under someone else's cultivation license and I have started creating my own llc...
  4. SaltyThings

    New to the Forums!

    Hello World, I'm new to the forums and wanting to learn as much as I can about growing. Living in SoCal and growing my own medicine to help with my PTSD. Started growing as a new hobby to help me calm down and I know the quality of my own herbs! I've been medicating for 3 years now and...
  5. Gardenseed

    Does Purple Kush turn purple on its own?

    Does Purple Kush turn Purple on its own when mature or do I need to lower my PH?
  6. R

    Hi 420 mag

    Hope to get some good insight into indoor hydroponics for my own setup. Thanks.
  7. R

    Solvents to use when making your own cannabis oil

    Hi everyone. Would appreciate any advice on this please? fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make my own oil (well with help from a friend) and a sticking point at the moment is the solvent to use? as when researched they all seem very flammable/danagerous. Any one know the safest...
  8. R


    Hello newbie here just got my medical card , am my own caretaker so growing my own is pretty exciting. I am trying an auto flowering Beary White from Mephisto Genetics. says it takes 65-75 days, but may go to 80. Wondering if anyone has used this companies seeds , all are auto flowers Went to...
  9. H

    Trying to build my own grow box

    I am wanting to go hydro because it's better on space and I've always wanted to grow hydro. I see the supernova box and I really wanna make something like this. Should I basically just buy the same parts that are in it.? Should I buy the supernova it's self? Or should I not grow at all because...
  10. Rattlehead

    First time grower

    Hi guys I'm new on here as I've only recently started growing my own. I'll throw some pics & details is things come along
  11. Gardenseed

    Happy thoughts

    Butterflies, Bunny Rabbits, Blue skies, Big poufy clouds, Meadows, Summer Rain, Swimming naked, ..... Keep this going, add your own happy thoughts. Happiness and kindness are free. Sprinkle it every where you go. :thumb:
  12. D

    How to delete a journal/thread?

    I have started a grow journal recently but I would like to delete it. There are no other comments but my own. I just want to be able to restart it. Thanks for any help.
  13. LostFroggie

    Wonderful To Meet You All

    Hi All ..... JoeGrow here and I'm a new member .... I am a product of the 60's and am almost retired (help crew out now just two nites a month) and enjoying the heck of rolling one in the morning and enjoying the great outdoors .... Soon I be moving to a 420 friendly state and will start to...
  14. T

    Hey Folks! New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm Trunks, 25 year old Electrician from Europe :) I've been reading various threads on 420 mag for awhile and after debating growing for many years have finally started my very own grow! (You may be able to help me!) You can follow it here; Trunks91 First Grow - Northern...
  15. K

    Montel Williams Debuting Own Brand Of Medical Marijuana

    Los Angeles - Montel Williams is one of the highest profile advocates for medical cannabis in the country. This week, the former daytime talk-show host is receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work on the issue. Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 17 years ago...
  16. K

    Illinois Communities Set Their Own Marijuana Fines

    Marshall, Ill. – More communities in Illinois are adopting their own penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana now that the state has eliminated the possibility of jail time. The law passed last year says people caught with 10 grams or less of the drug will be issued citations...
  17. I

    Hello from Belfast Northern Ireland

    Hello everyone, Hope I am in the right place. I am an experienced smoker but I have never grown my own before. I am sick and tired of waiting around street corners for a dealer, Feeling like I m doing something wrong so I have decided to try my hand at growing my own. Hopefully I can find the...
  18. W

    A real newbie

    I just got my seeds through Crop King. I am new to growing my own. It's kind of exciting, but scary, don't want to screw up $130 of seeds. :) I've been a toker since 1973 and enjoy it even more now that I am older. My bucket list is to be able to go to the Pot Store and buy what I want when...
  19. SewStoned


    Hey, new here to the forums to do some research on growing my own herb. Ive been smoking for 23 years, I started smoking pot to mitigate the withdrawls and symptoms and effects of alchoholism and addiction (cocaine/heroin). Ive been clean 21+ tears now. I continue to smoke as medication for...
  20. K

    MA: Pols' Support Could Steer Pot Vote

    Gov. Charlie Baker is a couple of $20 bills short of $4 million in his campaign account. Mayor Martin J. Walsh has set the annual fundraising record by an incumbent mayor - twice. And Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo set his own fundraising record this year, eclipsing the mark set by ...