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  1. Ron Strider

    Oregon Vineyard Sues Aspiring Marijuana Grower Neighbors

    A Yamhill County judge has denied a motion to dismiss a complaint filed by a vineyard owner against aspiring marijuana growers. The vineyard owner, Momtazi Family LLC, claims marijuana odors would damage wine grapes with "foul-smelling particles." The Capital Press newspaper reports...
  2. Ron Strider

    MN: Used Clothing Store Gets Surprise Donation Of Marijuana

    Someone apparently inadvertently donated more than 100 grams of marijuana when they dropped off some used children's clothes a suburban Minneapolis shop. The Argus Leader reports (Person in Minn. mistakenly donates over 100 grams of pot ) that the Maplewood Police Department posted a photo on...
  3. W

    Carbon filters

    Hi there, Dumb question. I tried googling for this but couldn't find any info. Apart from growing the herb, why else would someone need a carbon filter? Is it not obvious to every hydroponics store owner that when a person comes in and buys a carbon filter, they are growing...
  4. R

    ON: Owner Of Kenilworth Ave. Bar Turned Medicinal Pot Grow-Op Won't Fight City

    The owner of a bar-turned-medicinal pot grow op in east Hamilton has told tenants to "solve" a bylaw standoff with the city or get out. The city only learned the former Boomers bar and strip club on Kenilworth Avenue North had quietly morphed into a medical marijuana facility after residents...