1. B

    My first grow - 300W LED and a 10 pack of Northern Lights Seeds

    I have done random outdoor grows in the past but nothing ever like this. I have a spacious attic and am building a grow tent this weekend from timber frame and silver colored roll insulation. I will be using a single 300W LED. I will probably fab a 3' x 4' x 60" tent with a vent and a fan...
  2. B

    Is a 300 watt LED enough light for my grow box?

    Hello everyone. I'm growing for the first time and I plan on getting 100x100x200cm grow box. Now I saw leds (300w) which is supposed to be pretty good, I also saw G8LED but idk which would be the best. My question is this: they say that 300 for example is replacing 400w MH/HPS, so is 1 of those...
  3. Grouchy

    Abandoned A Grouchier Grow - LED 3Wx100 - Hempy - 9 Plants - 3 Strains - Lucas - Mainline

    Hello, everyone! I'll keep the intro short and sweet and get right to the good stuff. This time around I wanted to try something new. I liked the hempy bucket with my last grow so I figured I would stay with that. I had zero problems with it in the past. But I figured plant manipulation was...
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