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  1. K

    Haze Xtreme

    Hey all Has anyone grown the haze extreme? I just picked up a packet of them and am curious how it worked out for you. Ease of growing, yield, anything else? Cheers!
  2. J

    Seeds Container

    Before purchasing a vacuum container (photo attached) used keep seeds inside a zip packet, put within a simple glass pot filled with rice grains. And it was in a refrigerator. Now i've put the same zip packet in the refrigerator, but am not sure whether i should add some rice or silica gel as...
  3. Jamesnns

    CKS oops not happy - Yet

    I ordered 2 sets of Auto grow seeds, 10 each, different strains last week. They arrived. What I received was confusing. I ordered 10 seeds each Auto grown seeds. What I got was a packet a 20 seeds unmarked, unsorted and a packet of 5 White widow fem seeds. Ive only been ordering Autos as I...