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    Heat pad?

    Now that winter-grows are here, (in the northern hemi anyway). Has anyone ever used a heat pad to keep things warmer from the bottom up? Also has anyone used mirrors in the grow environment, tent, etc. ?
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    How to upload pics

    Can someone please help me upload pictures? I'm on an I pad.
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    Leaves are curling down and a bit squashed - advice needed

    Hey guys, Would love to get some advice. The leaves are curling down and a bit squashed. Not sure if it's overwatered or something else. Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD by greenhouse. 4 weeks since planting in soil 10-liter pot 50 watt led, 3000k, 25 cm away from plant, 21 hours of lights...
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    should i use a heating pad to pop my seed???