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pain management

  1. N

    Cannabis For Chronic Pain - My Story

    This is my story, it may be a little long, but its worth a read. Info and other things that may help. I have had chronic pain, muscle spasms and pinching nerves for over 5 years. It was the result of a Motor Vehicle Accident. I do work, and am in a safety sensitive position, therefore this...
  2. K

    Chronic Lyme

    Live in NJ and just started MM. If anyone is using it for pain treatment from Chronic Lyme, I'd like to share success, failures and hope with you.:thanks:
  3. Julie Gardener

    Pain Management by Margaret Daye

    Pain Management by Margaret Daye I am 49 years of age and have used marihuana medicinally for 30 years. My doctor is aware that I smoke and does not say that it is wrong but will not put his good name on a prescription, so I am forced to buy it illegally on the streets. When I was seven years...
  4. Julie Gardener

    Marijuana and Pain Management by Anonymous

    Pain Management by Anonymous I am a senior in college majoring in psychology and criminal justice. I am 22 and not married, I have been using marihuana for 3 years, and I discovered it a year after the onset of my nerve leg pain. I have been in constant pain for the last 9 years, from this...
  5. Julie Gardener

    Pain Management by Anonymous

    Pain Management by Anonymous I am 44 years old, and I guess I'm a wreck physically. I've had three surgeries and face a possible fourth pending the outcome of a visit with a neurologist. Because of a damaged femoral nerve, I have lost 2.5 inches of muscle from the outside of my left thigh and...
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