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    home made Gods gift
  2. N

    Cannabis For Chronic Pain - My Story

    This is my story, it may be a little long, but its worth a read. Info and other things that may help. I have had chronic pain, muscle spasms and pinching nerves for over 5 years. It was the result of a Motor Vehicle Accident. I do work, and am in a safety sensitive position, therefore this...
  3. SweetSue

    The Best Strains Of Marijuana For Pain Relief

    I found this invaluable article and decided it was too important not to share. Unfortunately, I can't link directly to the article without violating site security rules, so I've attempted to transfer as much of the information as I can in as close a format as Anna Wilcox set it up. I couldn't...
  4. L

    Need help and information

    Hello. I'm so happy to have found this site and forum. I am really struggling with MS and so discouraged because regular medicine is failing me right now. I've had MS for 25 years and was doing reasonably well (considering) until 2014 when I had to have a knee replacement for arthritis...
  5. G

    White Widow Strain Review

    Strain Name - White Widow From - ILGM Amsterdam When - 10/15 Price - 35.00 per seed 10 for 85.00 plus 10!!!!! Great deal. Type - Indica dominant Appearance -pale green/blue with beautiful sugary appearance at bud maturation. Smell - Very intense slight citrus/hint of pepper Taste...
  6. S

    Hey im new here

    Hey im StonedInIdaho, and i live in idaho of course! ha well i smoke pot a lot starting out for fun, but had a motocross accident which left me with horrible back and wrist pain. Now i smoke for the enjoyment and pain relief :) (chiropracter doesnt really help.) I have been smoking for roughly 4...
  7. M

    New at caregiving for my 90 year old mom, new at growing too!

    Hello everyone, About three weeks ago, my mother, who turns 91 next month, read an article in the Daily Sun about the benefits of medical marijuana. She showed it to me and asked if I thought it could help her arthritis pain. I said, let's ask your doctor; we have an appt in two days. She has...
  8. D

    Doctors for Arizona

    I'm new to the site and I have some questions. I have never smoked before, but we passes prop 203 in Arizona. It legalizes medical marijuana in Arizona. I'm 21 years old I have been diagnosed with a muscle myopathy I also have pain twenty four hours a day/seven days a week in my low back. Along...
  9. B

    Looking for a MMJ doctor in Toronto (High Park area)

    I suffer from severe osteoarthritis, and since 1971 I've been on everything Percodan, Percocet, Talwin, T-3's, T-4's, and now Oxycontin.Even the little red & white capsules which contain the THC, called Tramadol . So many other pain meds that I've lost track of their names. Had two lower back...
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