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  1. Ron Strider

    Nova Scotia: Puff & Paint Celebrates Cannabis And Creativity

    Think of it as a BYOC Paint Nite–BYOC as in "Bring Your Own Cannabis." Scott Brumwell recently launched Puff & Paint Ltd. with his wife Beatrice. With a background as a paramedic, Brumwell knows a lot of medical cannabis patients. He's also noticed a lack of social groups or organized events...
  2. ChronicMonkey

    Matt or sheen paint?

    Hey there guys Just a quick questions. Wanted to paint the interior of my cabinet. Should i use matt or sheen white paint? Thanks
  3. B

    Looking for advice on my setup

    Power usage: 3x Mars600 : ~7a 8" 745 CFM inline fan : 0.9a 8" 420 CFM fan : 0.35a total amp : ~8.25 amp What I'm planning to do for power: 1 of 2 wall socket: Timer -> surge protector -> 3x lights 2 of 2 wall socket: thermostat -> outlet splitter -> 2x fan I'm planning to exhaust out my window...
  4. N

    Sick seedling?

    Can someone please tell me what's going on with the plant? White paint like spots. Claw leaves. Narrow leaves.
  5. K

    How To Paint Rigid Fiberglass Insulation?

    Making an insulated grow box, I need to seal and paint the inside white for reflective and mildew resistant reasons. Any ideas on a way to do this relatively cheap? I plan to mist the walls for humidity if I need to.