1. Bill the Cat

    Completed Bill The Cat's LED Coco Grow - Afghan Ryder Kush Auto & Pakistan Ryder Auto

    Hi Everyone I've been growing for about 2-3 years trying to learn on my own by taking what sounds logical off the net. I've had limited success, some decent some not so much. Have been lurking here for a while so figured I try a journal and get some knowledgeable help. Here's my info: 1...
  2. T

    Noob from Pakistan

    Hi all, I'm from Pakistan and never ever thought of growing myself as i can get my hands on bestest high quality Afghani hash for as low 40$ an ounce That being said, now I'm looking forward to grow my own marijuana strains for fun and recreation. feeling very very confused after going...
  3. A

    What strains to grow in Lahore, Pakistan?

    It's summertime here in Lahore. Temperatures go up to 50°C with monsoon rains coming in July and August. Summers start from April and Autumn comes in late October. The real problem here is the excessive heat in summers. The variation in the temperature is quite high. It gets cold in winters and...
  4. V

    Have u ever done a chillum? here's a guide how to do say what u think

    hello am gonna show you how to prepare and how to hold a chillum (Pakistani hash pipe)...:yahoo: are the things u gonna need :P A Chillum One cigarette A small ball of foil paper(cigarette foil paper is what is more common here) A piece of wet cloth ...(i...
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