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    Pale seeds from breeding, saved for a park infestation next spring ^^
  2. B

    Pale lower leaves - Normal?

    Hi all – first time grower this year (though I'm a farmer/gardener, experienced w/other plants.) I have two indicas (Platinum Bubba and Woody Kush) in 20" pots, growing since May, and the lower leaves are turning pale yellow... is this normal at this stage? They've been fine up until the last...
  3. R

    Half of one of the leaves color is turning to pale green

    it\'s about three days that I\'ve changed the light to 12/12 and now half of one of the leave\'s color is changing to pale green. also, top leaves are all pale green...can anyone tell me what it is and what should I do?!
  4. trichomes

    Why so pale? New strain I'm trying

    I have other plants in same soil, same nutes, that are dark green, this looks way too pale, any thoughts replied are urged!! thank you all!
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