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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Manitoba Premier Feels Organized Crime Will Get Edge On Legalized Pot

    Premier Brian Pallister thinks gangs and organized crime will get the upper hand on controlling sales of pot once marijuana is legalized for recreational use next year. That's because the federal government is requiring provinces to lay bare all of their plans by publicly outlining how they...
  2. Ron Strider

    Canada: Premiers Demand Clarity On Cannabis

    Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has convinced his fellow premiers to push Ottawa for clarity on marijuana legalization – and to ask for an extension if the federal government doesn't answer their questions. At the premiers' annual summer meeting Wednesday in Edmonton, Pallister pushed for an...
  3. K

    Canada: Manitoba's Premier Says He Is Not Alone In Wanting Delay In Marijuana Bill

    Winnipeg — The federal government should postpone legislation to legalize marijuana, planned for the spring, because there are still too many details to work out, says Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister. "We've done a fair bit of preparatory work here and research, and the more we do, the more...
  4. K

    BC: Take A Breath On Pot Laws

    Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister wants the federal government to postpone legislation to legalize marijuana. The federal Liberals have promised the law in the spring, but Pallister says he and some other premiers have concerns that there are still many details to work out. Pallister says...