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  1. neikodog

    ACE Seeds Plant Pics

    Hello all ACE seeds fans. Now that ACE is a sponsor I wanted to have a place to show off your ACE plants and possibly coax Dubi from ACE to participate when he can. We don't really have a vendor forum so I was hoping this could act as one. There are a lot of growers here on the Mag that run ACE...
  2. Panama canary

    Panama canary

    3 months old Panama
  3. Section of Panama cola

    Section of Panama cola

    3 months aged moist and now drying
  4. wwhateley

    WW's Landrace Grow - Panama

    Hi everyone and welcome to my 4th grow journal! I'm focusing on a sativa landrace this time and I'm really excited to grow it and to try it out. As always, I'm growing a single plant. This time, I will only veg for 45 days. My setup : Seed : Feminized Panama seed by Ace Seeds Lights...
  5. calicanna143

    Jack Herer & Panama Red In Doc's Hi Brix

    This will be my first time using docs kit. I have jack herer and panama red sprouting now. I'm currently using led lights for veg room and 1000 watt hps for flowering. Its almost time to harvest my current grow of organic soil sequoia strawberry. Here are some pics to start as well as some pics...
  6. Ron Strider

    FL: Panama City To Consider Medical Marijuana

    With the moratorium on the sale of medical marijuana coming to an end in August, the Panama City Commission plans to discuss regulations at their meeting on Tuesday. A proposed ordinance would require medical cannabis dispensaries to be located at least 500 feet away from any church, school...
  7. Jackalope

    Panama D.C. Grow & Review

    This project started off with a mistake. I thought I was ordering Panama from Cannabiogen, I must have order the Panama D.C. what grew was not a pure sativa as you can tell from the younger plants. That said I have no problems with this strain. I ended up with 4 females. 3 bushy and 1 a...
  8. Weaselcracker

    Help with Ace Panama strain - She's acting up

    I'm wondering if anyone who has grown this strain has some tips or can guess what I'm doing wrong with it. I would not create this thread if I didn't care about this strain. But there's something about it I love. This is my first time growing it and I have one 2/3 of the way through...
  9. A

    New and lovin' every bit of it!

    Hi 420 Magazine Friends, I am a mid-50s disabled woman living in Northern California. I am diligently researching a move to Panama, after being forced into homelessness in the county ranked #3 in the nation for having the highest homeless population per capita. There are very few programs...
  10. A

    International Medical Marijuana Laws - Panama

    I am planning a move to Panama this summer, but the only thing holding me back is concerning the legalization of Medical Marijuana in May, 2015. After many weeks of researching on-line, I am unable to get any answers on how Medical Marijuana is received, and what kinds of products they have...
  11. K

    FL: Panama City Beach Puts Medical Marijuana On Hold

    Panama City Beach, Fla. - The Panama City Beach City Council approved a six-month temporary ban regarding medical marijuana in Panama City Beach until the new state law is figured out. The moratorium will be removed on June 1 or sooner. Those who are in need of medical marijuana and have the...
  12. Jackalope

    Panama D.C.

    Has anyone grown out Panama D C Im thinking that is what got instead of my panama reg. These plants are light green stocky and thick.
  13. Jackalope

    Panama Mystery

    I started some Cannabiogen Panama beans. This is supposed to be a 3 way cross of sativa. What came up is what looks like a pure indica. Has anyone grown out these beans? Leaves are wider than a Blueberry X Hash plant. It is Stocky and has great side branching. Not sure if I should be upset...
  14. K

    FL: Panama City Passes First Reading Of Temporary Ban On Medical Marijuana

    Panama City, Fla. - Panama City is tapping the brakes on medical marijuana, for now. At Tuesday morning's meeting, Panama City Commissioners approved the first reading to adopt an eight-month moratorium, or temporary ban, concerning medical marijuana. The second reading and final vote will...
  15. Morglie

    Morglie's 1st Journal With Ace Sativas In Doc Bud's High Brix Kit

    I've been learning the basics over the last year through a lot of forum reading and trial and error. I feel like I've finally got the germination process & babying seedlings down to where I'm no longer wasting good seeds. I'm finishing up a trial run in Doc's kit at the moment, which is also my...
  16. S

    Spitz Tries Ace's Panama & Malawi

    I've benn slow playing these two for a while. Purposely stunted in solo cups, under watered, etc.. for a while. I honestly can't tell you how old they are. They were moved from solo to 3G to 7G recently and are moving along. It's exponential growth now. This is my first shot at a screen. Curious...
  17. J

    Ace Panama Reveg Grow

    Ace Panama was sprouted on 10/5/15. Harvested in January...I REVEG'd her, and now she is a monster. I transplanted it to a home depot bucket, and flipped the light to 11/13. I'm really WAY TOO lazy to start another grow, but what the heck. This time [1] plant. [1] PLANT....[1] PLANT.... I'll...