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  1. jonny131

    Strains to combat pancreatic cancer

    can anyone help me my wife has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I am hoping somebody on here can tell me the most suitable strains to grow to try to combat this terrible disease, I am currently rearing whitewidow+big bud hybrid and shark shock these are going into flower 12/12 this...
  2. B

    Oil for Pancreatic Cancer?

    Which oil is best for pancreas cancer
  3. W

    It's established that tobacco can affect pancreas but what about MJ?

    I've been smoking marijuana for over 10 years and have been running high lipase for over 4 years (usually levels greater than 4x indicate pancreatitis) however I do not have signs or symptoms of acute or chronic pancreatitis. They ran ct scan, ultrasound, colonscopy, celiac and ulcer testing...
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