1. illvibes

    Ill Vibes' Redemption Grow - 388 Watt LED - 2 x Papaya - Indoor ScroG - DWC

    Hey all and welcome to Ill Vibes' Redemption Grow! Here's the essential setup to get you all started: Grow Tent: Apollo 36"x36"x72" Light: MARS II 900, ~388W LED Panel {claimed 450W HPS equivalence} Genetics: Papaya (Jack Herer x Skunk#1) (Indica dom.) Nutrients: Botanicare Kind synthetic...
  2. M

    Nirvana's Papaya Kush Indoor Scrog - 2009

    Hey everybody I am an experienced grower but this is my first grow journal. I chose Nirvana's Papaya Kush strain which are 100% feminized. Here are the seeds specs. Papaya is a fast growing, disease resistant, and usually early maturing strain. This heavy, greasy indica stays short and...
  3. Nudeh

    Nirvana's Papaya 125 W

    Hello there fellow stoners. Let me just intruduce myself, Im 20 years old and from Sweden, and like alot of people on this forum my great passion is growing. Im using this foreign forum instead of a swedish variant because of Mr. Paranoia. If you are having trouble understanding what im typing...