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  1. Justones

    Germination - Soaking in water first

    So I normally just soak & germinate seeds in wet paper towel. But being I had to buy some I'm taking extra measure to make sure it works. I read to soak in water for 24 hours first. Then use moist paper towel or put in jiffy pellet (peat moss). My question is, is the seed supposed to sink...
  2. O

    My First Grow: Blueberry Indica From Seed, 2018

    Hey :420: This is my first time growing and first grow journal. Crop Kings Seed Blueberry 75% Indica Regular. Growing indoors with natural sunlight, no grow lights. Using Vigoro Organics Organic Garden Soil 0.08-0.05-0.08. I originally started my seeds January 9th however my...
  3. F

    Growing Crop King seeds in Argentina

    Hi guys, My name is Federico and I just germinated with the paper towel method 2 auto fem white widows and 3 CBD auto cheese. The roots came out whiten hours of putting them on paper towels. After 24 hrs they've already developed 1/2 to 1 inch roots and I just placed them in their 7 gallon...
  4. L

    Paper towel method vs Jiffy's

    I've been starting from seeds for a few years now and have found while the paper towel does work I find it incredibly tedious. Especially if your starting a good number of them. Has anyone just tried just going to a standard 1" Jiffy puck after a 24 hour soak? I been thinking about any reason...
  5. D

    Germination Dry Out

    I soaked my seeds for 18 hours in water then placed them in a paper towel. they showed taproots and looked fine. went to work and came back and the paper towel was completely dry. i then had my ph balances rock wool cubes and put the seeds inside there and inside my humidity dome with my...
  6. V

    Vegemite's Haphazard Grow - First Attempt - Spring 2017

    Hello everyone, First time posting after spending a few months lurking the board gathering information and reading some very helpful posts in the "How to Grow Marijuana" threads. Not a big smoker, maybe buy a gram once every month or so to unwind, but the last gram I bought had a seed...
  7. H

    My seeds look like this after 5 days of paper towel method

    Its been 5 days now my seeds have been germinating in the wet paper towel method and the taproots are just barely poking out. They won't grow anymore in the paper towel. I soaked them for 24 hours before using paper towel. Is this normal? Should I just plant them in soil now? Will they be...
  8. Y

    Why won't my seeds pop?

    8 seeds, 6 different sources. 5 different strains. Use the wet paper towel method that I have used for YEARS! 4 in one paper towel 4 in the other. It's been 2 weeks and 3 popped, exposed white, and stopped. The others did nothing. What is happening here please help me. Money gone!
  9. S

    Germination in toilet paper

    Hi, please tell me about this situation: I germinated seeds for 3 days in wet toilette paper and one seed opened up and has sprout but also has already small stem with first pair of leaves... is this seed now worth of putting in soil or should i get a new one?
  10. K

    PA: Delco Township Says Yes To Medical Marijuana Facility

    Aston Township commissioners unanimously adopted an ordinance at a Wednesday night meeting that would allow a medical marijuana-processing facility to located in the southwestern Delaware County municipality. The facility must be in an industrial district, at least 1,000 feet from a school or...
  11. K

    A First For Colorado - Tree Free Hemp Is Producing Paper From Seed To Sheet

    For the first time, hemp paper is being produced in Colorado from seed to sheet. Loveland's Tree Free Hemp has been producing hemp paper since 2013, but until this year, it's been getting the fiber from other countries. Now the entire process is local. "It's grown in Colorado, it's processed...
  12. B A R

    New City Grower 5.O - The Paper Chase

    I'd like to start off by saying "HIGH" to all my weed connoisseurs, slackers, growers, friends, and just plain old potheads I've dearly missed since I've been gone! Welcome to... NEW CITY GROWER 5.0 The Paper Chase This was an idea my helper came up with; growing cannabis in packaging...
  13. K

    Hemp - The 'Forbidden' Crop That Is Taking The World By Storm

    The cultivation of the plant would be a boon for small farmers, especially organic farmers. We're talking about industrial hemp this time, not medical cannabis/marijuana, which continues to prove its merits and gain acceptance. The worldly benefits of using hemp are in plain view and clear to...
  14. A

    Do any flavored wraps actually change the flavor?

    And what changes the flavor the most? I've tried a few different ones, including Juicy Jay's watermelon cone paper and so far they all taste no different than plain paper.
  15. K

    Who Put Paper In My Marijuana?

    That's right folks, specialty paper is showing up in medical marijuana. Not literally, of course. But specialty papers like parchment, glassine and PTFE are all being used in the medical marijuana market. I don't think a soul out there reading this post has not seen or heard of the marijuana...
  16. K

    Say Hello To Hemp - The 'Forbidden' Crop That Is Taking The World By Storm

    I'm talking only about industrial hemp, not medical cannabis/marijuana, which continues to prove its merits and gain acceptance. Industrial hemp's use should be a no-brainer. But it's a complex boondoggle of legal and bureaucratic nonsense even without THC, the molecule that leads to "Reefer...
  17. K

    Surprising Ways You Can Use Hemp

    Hemp, rather foolishly, long carried a torrid reputation based on the intoxicating effects of its cousin, marijuana. Though hemp doesn't carry the same properties, for many years products made from it were illegal in the U.S. (not since 1998), as was growing it. It's still illegal to grow it...
  18. K

    The Politics Of Hemp

    For nearly four decades, industrial hemp advocates have extolled the virtues of hemp (cannabis sativa, variety sativa), a plant whose cultivation is still banned in the US, thanks to its scandalous distant cousin, cannabis sativa, variety indica. The latter is the source of the illicit drug...
  19. K

    Kazakhstan Takes Steps Toward Paper Production Using Hemp

    Astana — Hemp can be used in paper production, which will lead to a significant decline in its price, said Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Dariga Nazarbayeva at an Aug. 8 meeting, according to pm.kz. The event was dedicated to the scientific research of chemically cleaning hemp from narcotic...
  20. K

    Why Hemp Is A Cash Crop Just Waiting To Happen Again

    Hemp is a plant that has been cultivated in parts of the world for 10-12,000 years — possibly longer — and is estimated to have between 25,000 to 50,000 uses, with 5,000 uses in the textiles industry alone. Hemp has had a bad rap in the United States, supposedly thanks to the protectionist...
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