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  1. Sensi Star

    Sensi Star

    Flower Day 61
  2. Kink

    Kink's 2016 - 2nd Grow - Organic - Indoor - Sativa - Nebula - Delahaze - Jacky White

    Hey there and welcome to my second ever grow journal here on 420mag! :welcome: :48: This is a followup of my first grow, which can be found here. I intend on doing everything this grow that I wanted to do with the last and simply didn't, due to not wanting to waste money and extra effort on...
  3. H

    Herbies Seeds - Paradise Dutch Kush Free Seed Offer

    When its gone, its gone! EVERY order will have the option to select a free Cup Winning Dutch Kush seed from Paradise Seeds while the limited stock lasts. Just select the option at checkout. These offers usually go very fast, within days, so dont miss out!