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  1. H

    Herbies Updates 27th September 2017

    Herbies Updates 27th September 2017 Back in Stock — You can see the full list here Paradise Wappa Feminised Seeds Paradise Ice Cream Feminised Seeds (Cup Winner) Paradise Jacky White Feminised Seeds (Cup Winner) Paradise Sensi Star Feminised Seeds (Cup Winner) Paradise Nebula Feminised...
  2. onewarmguy

    Like any worried papa - Are my girls growing up okay? Opinions?

    Hi all, could one of you help out a nube and give me an opinion on my girls? After 3 weeks in dirt they're only about 2" high with secondary leaf formation starting. This is my very first grow and I'm starting to worry that I'm doing something wrong. :Namaste: They're Paradise seeds...
  3. H

    Herbies Updates 25th March 2016

    Back in stock (you can see all of our recently added back in stock list here) Paradise Wappa Fems Paradise Ice Cream Fems Paradise Nebula Fems Cali Connection 818 Headband Fems Kannabia Mataro Blue Fems Paradise Delahaze Fems Bomb Hash Bomb BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies Paradise...