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  1. G

    Could it be the CBD? Can be dark?

    Whats up all, When it comes to paranoia effect form medicating. Has anyone had negative effects due to high cbd? I'm trying to zero in on what makes a good time go so bad.. lol Sometimes after smoking the paranoia and anxiety are to @$%!ing intense. Miserable, Almost to the point I...
  2. K

    How Pot Legalization Affects Paranoia

    Aspen, Colorado - If you ask certain pot aficionados here, marijuana is "not a drug." It certainly isn't sold like one, now that pot legalization has swept through these spruce-dotted valleys like smoke through the neck of a gravity bong. The tiny downtown area of this resort city, population...
  3. ShiggityFlip

    Black pepper a cure for cannabis related anxiety?

    Was reading up on anxiety and paranoia while smoking cannabis and came across someone recommending black pepper as a means of reliving cannabis induced anxiety. I don't normally get anxious during smoking so personal testing may have to wait a bit. Needless to say I was skeptical but the...
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