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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: Labor MP Says Protesters Should Smoke Cannabis In Parliament To Shock Officials

    A Labor MP has urged druggies to smoke cannabis inside the House of Parliament in a bid to persuade politicians to change the law. Paul Flynn's bizarre outburst came as he admitted making a cup of cannabis tea for a campaigner when she visited him in the Palace of Westminster. Labor's...
  2. K

    Right-Wing Group Forces Delay In Italy Vote On Colorado-Style Pot Legalization

    Update: While public support for cannabis legalization in Italy remains high, the Italian Parliament has postponed a vote on the issue until September. Last week, a cross-party group of lawmakers proposed a bill that would have legalized marijuana, but that effort was derailed by a right-wing...
  3. Kingsnake235

    Repeal Prohibition in Canada - Parliamentary Petition e-18

    Hey everyone; i'll be brief. As we are all here in this place for the same reason, I thought it pertinent to share this recent development with other Canadians, and international neighbours alike. With the promise of legalization in the air, 2 days ago, Sensible BC filed a petition with the...
  4. R

    Macedonia: Parliament Legalizes Medical Marijuana

    A Macedonian Parliament Health Committee gave its approval on Tuesday to amend the law on control of drugs and psychotropic substances, that would allow the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes. "The need to change this law comes from the requests of patients who want to have the...
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