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  1. R

    Best option for DIY RDWC parts? Southern Ontario, Canada

    Hello. I'm located in southern Ontario Canada and am going to attempt to switch from soil to hydroponic rdwc system. I have a budget of 450 to 6 I can use to source the parts required as the systems available are drastically over priced and I would like the system to be able to support 8 to 16...
  2. C

    Would this bulb be good as an additional light? Solved

    Evening guys. I'm looking for a bulb that would let me add some light to the lowest parts of my growbox, so the lower tops may yield better. And I found this bulb. My tent is 40cm x 40cm x 120cm (or 1.31 feet x 1.31 feet x 3.93 feet). Here is one of the recent pics And now that I...
  3. paganini

    Coco cannabis shots

    I usually make a tray of brownies which gives me 16 small bites which turns to be pretty decent. My question is If I use 1/2 cup of my coco cannabis oil to make the brownies, and if I divide the 1/2 cup is 16 equal parts, then if I just drink one of the parts, would it work the same??? I ask...
  4. S

    COB chips and heatsinks

    Hey guys been doing alot of research on cobs lately and think I'm finally ready to build my own, only problem is everything is overpriced here so has anyone built one and where did you source the parts. I've found what I need on ebay but is from Germany so worries about the cost off shipping.
  5. silverrocksta

    Organic soil critique & help

    Hi everyone, This will be my first time growing organic, and have gathered a ton of info from many different sources all over the web. I plan on doing no-till in raised beds in my greenhouse and watering with straight water with periodic AACT. I am looking for opinions on what i plan to run and...
  6. N

    Seedling Tops Missing!

    First attempt at a grow... I did everything by the book and got 100% germination... planted the seeds indoors in a 1 part organic soil, 2 parts worm castings, & 2 parts perlite. Did fantastic... Checked them at 3 a.m. this morning and the second set of leaves were barely peeking out... Went...
  7. K

    During transplant in new pot newly mixed soil almost all perlite parts drained

    during transplant in new pot, newly mixed soil almost all perlite parts drained in tub? when i was watering them all the perlite parts came out thru the bottom hole. when i finished watering it took a little bit of time for the pot to drain. now what? should i wait till dry and then readd...
  8. O

    DWC pH fluctuations 6.5 - 4.5 in 24 hours

    Everyday I check the pH it shows about 4.3 and I adjusted up to about 6.5 and within 24 hours its back down to where it was in the 4's.. Parts per million is slowing going up every time so I keep adding just plain water to try and lower the parts per million because I don't want nute burn. I...
  9. W

    Using all of plant parts

    After totally harvesting all foliage from one of my plants I am left with the stalk and roots. Since I am not a toker I could "use" these parts as well for medicine. Am I erroneous in thinking I can use both of these in my tinctures? I don't think it'g gonna regenerate itself and start vegging...