pass a drug test fast

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    Heavy smoker: Doctor now giving drug screen to get my Adderall in 30 days

    Hello! I have been a heavy smoker for a while now, and smoking daily for the past year. I usually smoke a couple blunts a day, with the good stuff, not the brown brick weed. Anyway, I went to pick up my Adderall prescription from my dr's office today, and there was a post-it note on the back...
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    Need to pass a drug test - Stat flush

    so I have a drug test coming up in a little over a week, pretty important. I've been clean for about 5 days but before that I was an everyday smoker. I'm about 5'8 140lbs with about 9% body fat, I'm highly active, I skateboard almost everyday, run almost everyday, and wrestle. I really don't...
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    Need Help to make sure I'm clean!!

    Have a DT coming in about 20 days for my po. I have been clean for a year and a half. Smoked for 6 days ( 4-5 bowls a day). Now I've been clean for 7 days. Want to know if I'll be clean by the end of my 20 days(27 days total of being clean). Really need to pass! Any help is welcomed. P.S. I'm...
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