pass drug test

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    Hair follicle drug test

    Took a few hits off a cone yesterday and got a hair follicle drug test today. I've done my research and i think i should be able to pass it. I'm just really nervous
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    Help! Heavy smoker needs help to pass

    I've been smoking heavy for about 5 years now, i need to pass a hospital drug test, im not the skinnest individual i want to know if these detox drinks or pills work for a Hospital Drug test. i need this job and ive stopped for about a week and i know for sure that it wont be clean for months...
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    Pass your urine drug test using niacin at labcorp

    so im a heavy smoker...smoke a half of loud in 5 days alone and use the roaches for the last 2 days before I reup. mindful i smoke by my lonesome. Recently i walked out on my shitty fast food job and started searching for general labor and plant jobs. Had 3 pre employment test and passed all...
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    My experience with saliva drug test

    Ok so I got an interview with "A company" they use saliva testing... So I went in on a Tuesday at 4 pm, I smoked at around 4 pm the day before on Monday... When they told me I was going to be taking a drug test I simply said I forgot my ID. This bought me some time as I was allowed to "go and...
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    Any advice, tips or tricks to pass my DT is much appreciated

    Alright, I have about 7 to 9 days to pass a drug test to get hired at a job I really need. (Who doesn't though, right?) Unfortunately I have been smoking the green. The last time I smoked was last night- about 2 bowls out of the bong with 2 of my friends. The week before I smoked about once a...
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