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  1. L

    New guy from Canada saying high!

    Hey everyone I have been using cannabis for around 10 years now for stress problem and anxiety disorder and i can say that it is a lot better than any meds i have used in the past! I just started a couple of months ago to grow my own organic outside cannabis and I'm looking forward to all your...
  2. CannaPot

    Cannapot - Auto Orange Bud On Stock & 20% Reduction On All Automatics Dutch Passion

    :Namaste: Hiho! We just have received the first packages of the new automatic strain by Dutch Passion called AUTOMATIC ORANGE BUD. It is a cross of the Auto Daiquiri Lime and the well known skunkvariation called Orange Bud. We have two different sizes, one with 3 feminized cannabisseeds and...
  3. T

    Autos Test: Spanish Sun V Light Tent Test Grow

    Back again with another grow journal. This will comprise of 2 plants grown outdoors in soil, basking in the Spanish sun then in a few months time the same strains in my grow tent. Growing in my own soil mix with Biobizz fertilizer. Day 1 will be when each seed sprouts. For the both...
  4. D

    Hello from the Pacific!

    Hey guys, I've joined other sites but after needing a question answered i googled and found FeralA9X posts and had to sign up here! I hope to be apart of this community, it seems like the best! I love to grow and have a strong passion for it, Ill be posting professional videos and grow...
  5. PurpleGunRack

    Nordic Guerilla - 55° North Outdoor Auto Grow

    Hi 420! Welcome to my 2016 outdoor guerilla grow:welcome: A mate and I has set up a guerilla grow for this summer, hidden in a clearing in some dense prickly bushes we have 4 different feminised autoflowering strains, 10 plants in total. We're growing at the 55° northern latitude in a...
  6. M

    Auto Ultimate

    Ok here goes my first online journal . now bare with me I can't spell and I have no grammer. I'm an Aussie and don't care for to much about English grammer lol, anyway here goes. Seedling is dutch passion auto ultimate Currently day 7 from germ going a bit slow for my liking bit I've never...
  7. Stratonite

    A Passion for Cheese - Stratonites First Grow - 300 Watt CFL

    I'd firstly like to thank Paddysmoke for the clones! I now am the proud owner of 2 Cheese and 1 Passion#1 plants. My setup is: Space: Grow tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm Light: 1 x 300watt CFL Dual Spectrum Growing Medium: Coco Coir & Perlite mix Nutes: Hydro Coco "Grow", "Flower" & "PK Boost"
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