passive hydro

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    Warning: my past feeding chart doesn’t reflect “ connoisseur “ measurements. Using much much less nuts now. Sweet spot has been 900 ppm’s…was rocking 1300ppm’s & the 2 ladies in my Micro Growery got very angry with me…burned tips are a tip…1000 ppm’s was to much when using “Connoisseur Bloom A+B” 🌈
  2. 3’ L x 1.5w x 5’hbox.jpeg

    3’ L x 1.5w x 5’hbox.jpeg

    3 feet across 1.5 feet deep and 5 feet height.
  3. AutoNightQueenLST.jpeg


    LST performed on week 5 to this Auto Night Queen Week 9 - 65 days now.
  4. Autonightqueen.jpeg


    Day 64 Auto Night Queen by Dutch Passion in 1/2 gallon container. Watered every 12 hours.
  5. Autoblueberry.jpeg


    DAY 64 Auto Blueberry by Dutch Passion in a 1/2 gallon containers
  6. Smilemeds

    Smilemeds Micro Hydro Auto Night Queen & Auto Critical Orange Punch Grow Journal - 2022

    The kids call me billy. I have been cultivating micro hydro indoor cannabis in Vermont for 27 years now! The last few years legally at last. This run consistent of two legal auto flowers. One Auto Night Queen -Indiaca 20%thc One Auto Critical Orange Punch 18%thc -indica leaning hybrid...
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    Sept. 8Th Auto Night Queen by Dutch Passion. Just a greasy, fast lady. Grown hydroponically in 1/2 gallon container filled w/ Groundswell grow medium. Fed every twelve hrs. with advanced nutrients ph perfect Sensi bloom, bud Candy, & CalMag Extra. Last 3 weeks I add OverDrive. No other nuts needed.
  8. Cannbidoscar

    C's New Start May 19: 100% Clay Pebble Mini Hempy Autos, TS-1000

    So I've been away from growing for a while and decided to invest in some decent hardware ;) Bucket Size - 1 gallon Medium - 100% clay pebble Tent - 70cm X 70cm X 160cm Black Orchid Airflow - Black Orchid mixed flo extractor + filter, clip on fan inside, passive intake Lights - Mars Hydro...
  9. W

    Maybe switching to passive hydro

    After seeing the results an ease of growth with hempy buckets I'm considering it but i'd like to not waste all of the items I purchased for the RDWC. Can I use the hydroton for the reservior level of the hempy's? Also I'm thinking ahead to the harvest time. Does one simply shake out the stem...
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