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pax 2

  1. H

    Pax or Davinci IQ users - Looking for your feedback!

    Hey vapers looking for feedback on an idea I've been working on. The idea came about as a way to solve common issues my buddies and I have had with the personal style portable vaporizers, mainly the Pax2,3 and Davinci IQ. I love both these devices but loading on the go, unloading, trying to...
  2. HashGirl

    Pax 2 vs Quick Draw 500 DLX Review

    The Pax 2 is a little bit smaller than my Quick Draw (4" vs 5"). The vape feels smooth and it was easier to figure out how to operate than the Pax 2 although I must admit that that was mainly because the Pax website had way more information and operating instructions on it than the one for the...