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    150W LED Grow Light For Seedlings & Germination

    Hello everyone, We opened a new store on amazon, the 50W, 150w, 300W is available to sell, we can give you discount, or offer product for you to do review for us. we do Paypal refund. Do you have any interest? Contact with me by ledgrowlight-joyce@outlook.com Thanks.
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    Seed banks with PayPal?

    Hey guys and seedbanks that use PayPal? That's all I'm comfortable using.

    Some advice & help please

    can you tell me which single seed bank has best prices and promos at the minute and which haze would you recommend and the best price/ shop to goto. do any do paypal at all? Im thinking along the lines of arjans haze, vision silver haze and zambeza white widow x haze. let me know if you...
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