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  1. MrMiggy

    Abandoned MrMiggy's 1st Pc Scrog - CBD Medi Haze - 2014

    Hello 420Mag, This is my first try at an indoor grow. I have tried outdoor growing before, but to no success. I am going to be growing in my 26.5" pc case The seedling is 2 days old today from sprout. Wish me luck, sit back and enjoy the grow. What strain is it? CBD Medi Haze Is it Indica...
  2. Snow

    Abandoned 420's Indoor PC Stealth Grow Journal 2014 by John Snow

    Hello all! And welcome to my humble first poor man grow journal. :welcome: I'm fascinated by computers since 8 years old and always liked to make customizations and Case modding. i respect all the knowledge and advice found on these forum, i have learned a lot in recent weeks. I know it is...
  3. A

    A PC grow thread!

    It's a perfect fusion of my favorite things in the world! Plus I'm going to be moving 3 times in the next 3 months so I need something robust and self-contained. I had this case in mind: My only reserve is spending so much for something I'm going to rip apart, although I haven't found any of...
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