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  1. W

    Northern Lights - Stealth PC CFL Grow Case

    Hello :420: community! This is my very first grow so any and all advice is greatly appreciated. First I'll give the specs of my grow case. Dimensions: 22.1" x 9.1" x 20.7" Lighting: 6 x 42-Watt 6500k Daylight Twist CFL Light Bulb Air ventilation: I'm going to be using 120mm pc fans, right now I...
  2. k1net1k

    PC Case Ninja Grow (Current)

    1st time grower. Growing single plant for personal supply. I am hoping for an ounce to harvest every few months. I hope this isn't being naieve :) My other thread here is a discussion about PC cases and grow area design. I have 3 seeds, all random bagseed, spanning over several years...
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