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  1. CheckThoseTrichs

    PC Grow #2: Blueberry

    Heya everyone! Just completed grow #1 in the PC case and am starting #2. I made a lot of changes to the box during the first grow and am finally happy with it now to finally leave it. Lets get into the details! What strain is it: Blueberry Genetic: Indica Dominant Grow space: 0.83 sq/ft (7" x...
  2. CheckThoseTrichs

    PC LED DWC Grow

    Hey guys! First post here and am starting this grow off with a different idea, using an old PC case to grow. Being a long time user I have discovered CBD strains over the years which led me to getting a prescription for it to help with anxiety symptoms. Growing was something I decided to pick up...
  3. D

    DankaTrons Pc Grow Northern Lights Fem Auto 2019

    Hey guys currently 1 week into my grow with my seedling growing strong. Ive got it under a 5500k cfl bulb in a pc box. the seeds were germinated in peat pellets , and transferred into general potting mix. I rushed transplanting the seedling and put it into too big of a pot , i was wondering if...
  4. SweeetExide

    Completed PC Hydro-SWC White Cookie 2018

    The idea was to build a stealth pc to start clones or seedlings, then I got carried away and wanted to see just how well a few things work to the end of a plants life cycle. those things are: 1. The lights (Philips 13w LED's) 2. The SWC (Shallow water culture) 3.The smell (DIY carbon...
  5. J

    Reflective material

    Good any time of day to ya'll!! As I'm starting to buy materials for a stealth project, I was looking for cheap Mylar sheets or roll. I am gonna rebuild 2 Full Tower (server) cases into stealth grow boxes, so I don't need that much of it really. Is this a good alterantive- Portable Waterproof...
  6. C

    PC Grow set-up questions

    Well lets say i am wanting to do a PC grow so that my family will have no idea. My wife is totally against cannabis but my back and muscle pain is horrible and it seems to help alot. Any way I know quite a bit about growing as I have grow outside with a friend before. I Have some Blue Mystic...
  7. S

    New grower, what strain to grow?!

    Basically my situation is that I'm going to be growing in a wooden box, 33cm x 37cm x 51cm, i know it's small, but its just a start. I'll be using a 250W dual spectrum cfl, and hope to scrog the plant to maximise my space. Stealth is very important so I'm looking for a strain that won't...
  8. K

    Completed Klaser's Newbie PC Grow Journal

    Hi guys, I just started this little project of mine. I will be posting pictures as I go along and hope to get alot of feedback and advice. The goal is not a heavy yield, but more the process of building the grow room and hopefully see the plants thrive. This is the stuff i'll be working...
  9. Crawgal

    Recommendations for a PC Grow Home (Looking for a Computer/Server Tower)

    Hi All, I'm a long time toker venturing into the growing realm. I've been doing my research and I'll need to go with a PC grow to grow. Now I've been looking online at all kinds of computer towers, but there's a lot out there and I'm no computer whizz. I'm not in a region with access to...
  10. Snow

    Abandoned 420's Indoor PC Stealth Grow Journal 2014 by John Snow

    Hello all! And welcome to my humble first poor man grow journal. :welcome: I'm fascinated by computers since 8 years old and always liked to make customizations and Case modding. i respect all the knowledge and advice found on these forum, i have learned a lot in recent weeks. I know it is...
  11. H

    Abandoned HAG's Indoor 2L Hempy Stealth Grow - March 2013

    Hey all, first grow journal, second grow! Here's some info: What strain is it? -- White Domina + Bagseed Is it in Veg or Flower stage? -- Veg If in Veg... For how long? -- Planted 3/17/13, Sprouted 3/19/13 Soil or Hydro? -- Hybrid Hydro, Hempy, 100% Perlite Lights? -- 3 CFL 6500k for veg...
  12. D

    Abandoned First PC Grow Box Grow

    So my cousins step dad let me borrow his grow box I went threw like 5 seeds before I got one to sprout I went threw a whole day of monitoring tempeture an it doesn't go above 75 and doesn't go below 70 so I just want to have this grow journal so people can help me out this is my first indoor grow
  13. R

    My First PC Grow! any help or suggestions by the seasoned vets is much appreciated

    im a first time grower, about to indulge on the adventure of making a PC growbox using CFL's...or LED. im not too sure which to use. to be honest, im a noob at this, and im hoping to get the help from u guys/gals to make this a success. i just hollowed out my old throwback desktop tower, and...
  14. S

    Abandoned Auto Sweet Coffee Ryder PC Grow

    Hey guys! SmokeStrong again with a fresh new thread. If you're just now joining me i've already roasted two seedlings and now that my lights and fans are all repaired and ready to go I can get my first legitimate grow going. Here's what my setup looks like: Strain: Sweet Coffe Ryder from...
  15. S

    Help with my upcoming PC grow!

    Im planning on starting a stealth PC grow with 2-3 plants. So far ive decided on an autoflowering strain due to the frequent harvests and low height. My main question is what strain to get? Im looking for something that's on the tasty side and is potent, and gives a hefty yield. However I...
  16. S

    Whats going on with my plant?

    This is just a bag seed its 4 weeks old. its under 3 13 watt CFL's in a pc grow box and for the first three weeks it was doing amazing but now it is getting more droopy everyday. am i not watering it enough? not enough light? whats happening? please help me :11:
  17. M

    Abandoned Lowryder 2 PC Grow - Organic - Stealth

    hi! im new to 420, i have always wanted to make a journal, i have heaps of photos of my old stealth pc grow and i think its time i put them all together for myself and for the use of others, i have struggled to find a completed pc grow journal, and it was frustrating. Strain; lowryder 2 ak47...
  18. jakal

    Completed Green-o-Matic PC Grow 2010

    Hey everyone. this is my first grow journal. in fact it's my first grow. So whatever helpful tips and info you have is greatly welcome. so heres the deal. i have a pc grow case i made myself. the case itself is 23'' tall, so its a pretty big case. got the largest i could get my hands on. 4 26...
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